Spring Self-Care Ideas to Prioritize Your Health

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Spring is a time of new beginnings, transformation, and growth. After the colder winter months, now is the perfect opportunity to evaluate self-care for spring to see what we can improve on, where we can benefit, or (for those just starting out) where to begin taking better care of ourselves.

This year, spring cleaning starts with you! We’re giving you a few easy spring self-care ideas to prioritize your health and feel incredible.

Spring Self-Care Ideas for Better Health and Wellness

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather tends to be warmer from the previous winter months, it’s the perfect time to kickstart your spring health and fitness goals. Even though starting new healthy habits is great at any time of the year, practicing self-care for spring helps us get into the feeling of the season. It’s a new year, a new season, new life springing up all around us–and now a new self-care routine for ourselves!

Whether you’re already an active, healthy individual or looking to start your health and wellness journey, a few simple spring self-care ideas to prioritize your health this season include:

  • Get active and exercise
  • Take a few minutes of “me” time each day
  • Adopt a healthier diet
  • Get a massage
  • Soak up the vitamin D
  • Try practicing meditation
  • Reset your sleep schedule

Get Active and Exercise

While it’s probably no surprise to you, we’re kicking off our list of spring self-care ideas with getting active and exercising. After all, objects in motion tend to stay in motion, right? The same goes for our bodies! Getting in at least 150 minutes of exercise each week can go a long way to prioritize our health and boost our overall well-being.

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or have to build a home gym to be active, either! While those can be helpful for some, any kind of exercise that elevates your heart rate and gets the blood flowing throughout your body can be beneficial. For some, this could mean going for a run or brisk walk. For others, low-impact exercises like yoga or tai-chi may help do the trick. You can even do full body workout exercises right from your zero gravity chair or sofa!

Before you start any new exercise routine, be sure to consult a healthcare professional to ensure it’s safe for you to do so. Once you’re given the green light, be excited to feel the difference as you begin to get active!

Pro Tip: Whether you’re new to fitness routines, an athlete, or anything in between, don’t forget the importance of a post-workout recovery routine to help heal your body and avoid potentially painful symptoms like Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Take Some Time for Yourself Each Day

Next on our list of spring self-care ideas to prioritize your health this season is to take a few minutes each day for yourself. You may have a busy schedule juggling work, family, friends, and a social life, but taking at least 10 minutes each day to just do whatever you want to do can go a long way for your overall health.

Taking a few minutes for “me” time can help with stress management, improve your mood, and boost mental clarity. Following relaxation tips and learning how to relax and recharge can make a difference you never expected!

Adopt a Healthy Diet

During the colder winter months, bundling up and enjoying comfort food can be absolute bliss. After the endless food train that tends to be the end-of-year holidays, another way to practice self-care for spring is adopting a healthy diet.

Adopting healthy eating habits as part of your spring self-care ideas is about changing your relationship with food. Just because food is healthy doesn’t mean it has to be boring! There are endless healthy foods, recipes, and snacks you can enjoy that won’t have you missing those greasy fries at all. A healthier diet may also help improve digestion and avoid discomfort that comes with inflammation or bloating.

Alongside a healthy diet as part of your spring self-care ideas should come drinking more water, too. Staying hydrated is critical to avoiding or treating muscle strain, preventing fatigue, and enhancing how the body heals itself. Make sure you’re drinking enough water each day and see the difference such a simple lifestyle change can make!

Get a Massage

Is there a better spring self-care idea than getting a massage? It’s definitely one of our favorites! If you’ve had a massage before, then you know how relaxing and beneficial they can be. New to massages? You’re in for a treat, for sure.

Studies have shown that regular massages may help facilitate growth, provide pain relief, help fight depression symptoms, and even contribute to building a strong immune system. Unfortunately, fitting appointments into an already-busy schedule can be difficult as well as expensive.

An alternative for this is finding a way to enjoy massage benefits at home. While some traditional recliners or sofas may offer massage features, their downfall comes in the reclining design that inadvertently focuses excess pressure on the lower back and pelvic areas. This can lead to pain from sitting too long and exacerbate lower back pain or sciatica symptoms. A solution for this problem is choosing a zero gravity chair with massage features, instead.

The bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners like massage and heat therapy work together to provide a myriad of potential health benefits. This is why they’ve become immensely popular for common needs like neck and back pain relief as well as sciatica treatment at home. Zero gravity massage features may also deepen your relaxation, making it ideal for part of your daily “me” time, too!

Soak Up the Vitamin D

Next on our list of spring self-care ideas is super simple: soak up that vitamin D. The sun provides essential vitamin D that our bodies need to stay healthy. It can help us absorb calcium better to strengthen bones, making it a potential natural remedy for osteoporosis that could help. It can also contribute to improving heart health naturally and relaxing our muscles.

During the colder months, sunlight is more scarce and the weather may prevent us from going outside as much. Spring brings warmer days that we can enjoy while making the most of the daily sunlight hours. Not feeling like being outside as much? That’s okay, too. Consider sunroom decorating ideas to help you enjoy the sunlight even from indoors! While it may not provide the vitamin D like being in direct sunlight, being in the brightness can still go a long way to improving your mood and relaxation.

Practice Daily Meditation

We couldn’t put together a list of spring self-care ideas to prioritize your health without mentioning daily meditation practices. Learning different meditation tips and techniques to try at home or on the go gives you a tool to bolster your mental and physical health wherever you may be. Even on the busiest of days, finding just 5 to 10 minutes for meditating at home, in the car, a quiet break room, or in your office can make a huge difference.

Mediation has long been agreed upon by experts to potentially help boost your mental and physical health in a variety of ways. From stress management to pain relief and beyond, meditating can be a powerful tool as you start self-care for spring.

Practicing meditation is so easy to do anywhere, you can even do it straight from your recliner or sofa! In fact, an easy way to combine different spring self-care ideas is with zero gravity meditation. Meditating while relaxing in a luxury zero gravity chair lets you potentially boost the positive effects of both activities while you recharge your mind and body. It’s the perfect addition to start your morning or as part of a relaxing night time routine.

Reset Your Sleep Schedule

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of spring self-care ideas to prioritize your health this season is to reset your sleep schedule. Regardless of your age, experts recommend adults get at least 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Unfortunately, statistics show that almost 1 in 3 adults get less than that, leading to possible negative health effects of sleep deprivation.

If the darker days of winter threw your sleep schedule off or if your daily routine makes your nightly repose elusive, spring is the ideal time to hit the reset button. Finding ways to improve sleep quality can range anywhere from the boost exercise gives you to unwinding in a zero gravity chair. Other activities that may help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep through the night include journaling, taking a warm shower at night, and trying to set a schedule for when you go to bed. As creatures of habit, our bodies will fall in line with a new schedule as long as we stick to it!

We hope this guide has given you a few spring self-care ideas to try at home. Making your health a priority is essential to your long-term happiness and wellness. Whether you’re needing a little spring cleaning to get back on track or just starting out, finding ways to implement self-care like eating healthier meals, taking daily “me” time, and choosing a zero gravity chair to combine multiple ideas can all be immensely beneficial. Give these a try and see the difference for yourself!

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