6 Spring Health and Fitness Goals

woman running for spring health and fitness goals

After a long winter it feels great to jump back into a more active lifestyle as spring approaches! Now is the perfect time for a little spring cleaning of your daily fitness routine. Shake off what didn’t work and try some new approaches to getting back into a healthy, active lifestyle to feel your best!

Let’s take a look at 6 ways to reach spring health and fitness goals this season.

Health and Fitness Goals for Spring Can Start Small!

If you’re looking for achievable goals to include in your spring tune up this year, we’ve got you covered. Following the same exercise routine too long may decrease the workout benefits you are receiving from it. This season, shake things up and try something new to boost your results! New to exercising and want to start a healthy, active lifestyle? This is also a great place for you and will help you develop a routine that’s easy to follow.

Check out these ways to reach spring health and fitness goals and kickstart your post-winter workout activities:

  • Create an exercise schedule to build a workout routine
  • Adopt healthier eating habits you actually enjoy
  • Try a new fitness class at home or at the gym
  • Include zero gravity chairs in a post workout recovery routine
  • Build accountability by exercising with a partner
  • Use monthly challenges to push yourself and feel accomplished

Start an Exercise Schedule to Meet Health and Fitness Goals

Sometimes even the most active people have a hard time staying motivated or making the time to push towards their health and fitness goals without a schedule.

If you’re new to exercising and looking to adopt spring health activities to develop an active lifestyle, start out small and build your way up. Overdoing it from the beginning may cause you to burn out quickly or injure yourself accidentally. Even experienced individuals looking for ways to stay active may need to start smaller and work themselves back up after the winter season!

Having an exercise schedule to plan and track health and fitness goals is a great way to build consistency and really adjust to an active lifestyle. You’ll find it much easier to stick to your spring health goals this season with a well-organized plan!

Adopt Healthier Eating Habits for a Spring Health Boost

The winter months can be especially hard times to maintain a healthy diet. Grey, cold weather can make it hard to beat the winter blues and often our healthy eating habits are the first things to go as we seek comfort. That’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up over habits of the past. The best thing to do to meet your spring health and fitness goals is to let that go and start fresh.

Adopting healthier eating habits for a spring health boost is about changing your relationship with food. Healthy food doesn’t mean boring! There are plenty of wonderful, delicious meals and snacks you can have that won’t leave you missing those chips.

With healthier foods also comes the need to drink more water. When you’re aiming for new health and fitness goals, the first thing you should always think of is drinking more water! Staying hydrated is crucial to avoiding prolonged muscle soreness, muscle strain, and fatigue. While you should be drinking water all the time, it’s especially important as part of your post workout recovery routine.

Hit Your Health Goals By Trying a New Fitness Class

As things begin to open back up from the recent COVID-19 pandemic, you may have access to your local gym once again. Consider trying a new fitness class to shake things up and work towards your health and fitness goals!

If you don’t have access to gym classes or prefer to participate more privately, there are loads of virtual classes you can take online from the comfort and safety of your own home, as well. Not into a live class? That’s okay, too! You can meet your health and fitness goals with subscription services just as well. Some popular ones include Beachbody On Demand and NEOU. If you’re repurposing a space in your home, you may also consider a larger equipment piece with available classes like the popular Peloton Bike

Using Zero Gravity Chairs to Reach Health and Fitness Goals

Making plans to reach your spring health and fitness goals should include taking care of your mind and body, too! Integrating zero gravity chairs into your fitness routine makes these multifunctional furniture pieces the perfect addition to designing your living space.

In addition to being able to use your zero gravity chair as part of simple exercise routines, it will keep your body in optimal condition. In the zero gravity position, the legs are elevated above the heart level, drastically reducing pressure on the spine (which can alleviate lower back pain and treat sciatica symptoms) and evenly distributing weight along the body.

Some of the many health benefits of zero gravity chairs include increasing poor blood circulation, improving heart health naturally, better lung function, and even boosting your immune system! The enhanced healing provided by zero gravity chairs benefits athletes and everyone working towards health and fitness goals, as well. Just 20 minutes a day in a zero gravity chair yields the same back healing results experienced in 8 to 10 hours of sleep!

Some of the bonus features of zero gravity chairs like massage and heat therapy take your journey towards health and fitness goals to another level entirely. These programs help keep your muscles loose and prevent injuries as your body heals after physical activities. You’ll wonder what you ever did without your zero gravity chair!

Exercise With a Fitness Partner for Accountability

For some, having a workout schedule isn’t enough to keep them on track, and that’s okay! When you’re working towards your spring health and fitness goals this season, try finding a partner for accountability.

This partner doesn’t  have to physically work out with you. If you can safely do so, it can be fun to work out together, but accountability can be done even while socially distanced. Schedule weekly check-ins with your fitness partner to celebrate each other’s progress and keep one another motivated. Having that person on your side can make your journey towards health and fitness goals all the more enjoyable!

Participate in Monthly Health and Fitness Goal Challenges

Last on our list of ways to reach spring health and fitness goals this year is to participate in monthly challenges. Make sure you’re setting achievable health goals, but adding in monthly health and fitness challenges can make it a sort of competition to see how well you can do! If you’re on this journey with an accountability partner, participating in a monthly health challenge together can boost your excitement and drive to be your best!

Coming out of the dreary winter months, it’s great to get back into the swing of things and find ways to reach spring health and fitness goals. Whether you’re finding in-person or virtual classes, joining with an accountability partner, starting monthly fitness challenges, or choosing a zero gravity chair to boost your mind and body, shake things up this season! Adopting a healthy, active lifestyle will have you feeling your absolute best.

Zero gravity chairs aren’t just great for keeping your body in top physical shape. Learn how they boost your mind as well with our guides to zero gravity meditation and brain games to play while relaxing in zero gravity position!