Father's Day Gift Ideas for Health and Wellness

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Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate fathers in all their forms. As sources of guidance, leadership, support, and love, it’s a special day to show them just how much they mean to you. Sometimes coming up with great Father’s Day gifts that dad will love can be a bit of a challenge, though! What speaks to his character and is something he’ll know comes from the heart to show how much you want to look after his well-being, too?

To help you out, this year we’ve curated the perfect list of Father’s Day gift ideas for health and wellness. Each of these can be useful for the health-conscious father amongst us while also helping take care of them in return. Read on and be inspired!

Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Our fathers have looked out for us our entire lives, so why not return the favor? This year, consider Father’s Day gift ideas for health and wellness to show him just how much you care. Instead of another tie or coffee mug (unless he loves those!), think about some of these great Father’s Day gifts that will boost his overall well-being to keep him happy and healthy for many years to come:

  • Hourglass water bottle to help dad stay hydrated
  • Cubii elliptical for the dad who wants to fit in a workout anywhere
  • Luxury zero gravity chair to take care of his mind and body
  • Subscription to a meditation app
  • Daypack backpack for the outdoors-y dad
  • Fitness tracker to help dad meet his daily fitness goals
  • Instructional yoga mat for low-impact exercise

Timed Water Bottle

Kicking off our list of Father’s Day gift ideas for health and wellness is a timed water bottle to make sure dad is drinking enough water each day! Staying hydrated is an essential part of health and wellness, but medical experts have said that nearly 75% of adults live with chronic dehydration from not drinking enough water. With an hourglass water bottle, dad can track his intake by volume and time of day to be sure he’s drinking the recommended daily amount.

Cubii Elliptical

For the dad who enjoys fitting in a workout whenever he can, next up on our list of Father’s Day gift ideas comes the Cubii JR2+ elliptical! These small elliptical models are perfect to fit under a home office chair or even used while sitting upright in a zero gravity chair. The built-in display tracks your strides, distance, speed, active time, and calories burned, while syncing with the Cubii mobile app and a variety of other fitness tracking apps.

Svago Zero Gravity Chair

Speaking of a luxury zero gravity chair, these Father’s Day gift ideas come in next on our list. Representing the evolution of the traditional recliner, modern zero gravity recliners like the Svago Newton or The ZGR models offer dad a comfortable, stylish way to look after both his mind and body.

Reclining in the zero gravity position improves on traditional recliners by alleviating pressure on the lower back and pelvic area while distributing weight evenly along the body. This serves as the catalyst for many potential health benefits of zero gravity chairs ranging from speeding up how the body heals itself to improving mental health and possibly helping against cognitive decline. You can also use zero gravity chairs for back pain, boosting your immune system naturally, reducing blood pressure, and much more!

Durability and luxury come together in the royal top grain leather material of the Svago Swivel model.  For the environmentally conscious and cruelty-free consumer, there are also options for vegan faux leather upholstery, as well. Adaptable to many different interior design styles, each model has multiple materials and base colors to choose from.

From high quality materials, versatile design style, and the bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners, Svago zero gravity chairs make great Father’s Day gifts to promote the health and wellness of dads of any age!

Meditation App Subscription

Meditation has long been acknowledged by experts as an effective method for boosting health and wellness. Making our list of Father’s Day gift ideas to celebrate dad this year is a subscription to Headspace. Aimed at being the world’s most accessible, comprehensive provider of mental health and well-being care, Headspace users are able to listen to programs designed for meditation, sleep, stress, and mindfulness to improve their overall health. A subscription to Headspace makes a great gift idea alone but can pair with a zero gravity chair to give dad the perfect bundle of Father’s Day gift ideas!

Hiking Backpack for Outdoors-y Dads

For the outdoors-y dad who loves to go hiking, camping, or even just out on day trips, an Osprey Daylite pack can make a great Father’s Day gift idea. Created from sustainable recycled materials and offering plenty of space for a laptop, water bottle, and more, these daypacks are lightweight yet durable. They even make excellent carry-on items for traveling!

Fitness Tracker to Meet Health and Wellness Goals

When it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas for health and wellness, fitness trackers are a no-brainer. Products like an Apple Watch of Fitbit Charge 5 can monitor and report on dad’s fitness goals while he stays active. The latter is the most advanced Fitbit yet, offering active zone tracking (for optimal heart rate elevation), sleep tracking, smart wake up alarms, and more.

Instructional Yoga Mat

Last up on our list of Father’s Day gift ideas for health and wellness is an instructional yoga mat from NewMeFitness! Yoga is a fantastic low-impact form of exercise that can be used to improve mobility and flexibility, practice good health and wellness, as well as refocus the mind for calm and clarity. The illustrations on these instructional yoga mats take the guesswork out of popular poses and make self-guided sessions easy regardless of dad’s level or experience.

We hope this guide to Father’s Day gift ideas for health and wellness has given you some inspiration for the perfect gift for dad this year. After all he’s done for you, this year let’s show him it’s your turn to look after him, as well. Whether it’s a day pack for hiking together, a meditation app to relax, or choosing a zero gravity chair to look after both his mind and body, he’s sure to know it’s a gift from the heart.

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