Looking for the Best Father's Day Gifts? (It’s Sneaking Up On Us!)

a child giving their father a fathers day gift


Father’s Day is a special day each year where we get to celebrate all the fathers and father figures out there! From new dad to older dads, step-fathers and those being special father figures, you want to choose something special to show them just how much they mean to you.

Choosing a good Father’s Day gift can feel a bit overwhelming. What are good gifts for a dad who has everything? What are some cool Father’s Day gift ideas that will make him smile? Check out our guide to the best Father’s Day gift ideas he’ll really enjoy and relax knowing you’ve made his day!

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad This Year

It’s been a tough year for everyone, so let’s make sure we take some time this year to celebrate dad and all he’s done. Skip the tie this year (unless he loves them!) and treat dad to one of these best Father’s Day gift ideas he’ll get so excited about:

  • Wine or beer subscription box
  • Luxury zero gravity chair to relax
  • Wireless charger for all his tech
  • Personalized books put dad in the story
  • Air fryer and cookbook as a grill alternative
  • Monthly historical letters subscription
  • Special shaving kit for men
  • Weighted blanket for unwinding

Father’s Day Gift Idea #1: Beer Subscription Box

Does your dad love having a cold one at the end of the day? Kicking off our guide to the best Father’s Day gift ideas is a beer subscription box from Craft Beer Club. They search out the best craft beers from around the country and deliver them to dad’s door. You can choose from different delivery options ranging from monthly, every other month, or even quarterly. Each shipment features four different craft beers from two different microbreweries in the United States. These beer subscription boxes make the perfect gift for beer loving dads!

Father’s Day Gift Idea #2: Luxury Zero Gravity Chair

What’s more iconic than dad relaxing in a recliner? Updating that recliner to an awesome zero gravity chair! If you’re looking at the best Father’s Day gift ideas you can’t go wrong with one. Perfect for big family room design ideas or decorating small spaces, these recliners fit many different interior design styles.

More than a simple recliner, though, zero gravity chairs provide incredible health benefits. You can use zero gravity chairs for back pain, boosting your immune system naturally, to reduce blood pressure, and many other health benefits.

Does your dad like to stay active? Zero gravity chairs make cool Father’s Day gift ideas for active dads as they can be used as tools for full body workout exercises, provide healing benefits for athletes, and make the perfect addition to a post workout recovery routine at home.

Whether your dad’s an athlete or not, luxury zero gravity chairs also make the best Father’s Day gift ideas as they offer heat therapy and massage features he’s missing out on. These two self care treatments for dad will keep him feeling his best and ready to take on each and every day.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #3: Wireless Charging Station

Looking at the best Father’s Day gift ideas for tech lovers brings us to a wireless charging station from Nomad that can charge multiple devices at once. No doubt any tech loving dad these days has his cell phone, possibly an Apple Watch or FitBit, and maybe even wireless headphones that all need charging. This wireless charging station will keep dad’s tech charged and ready to go!

Father’s Day Gift Idea #4: Personalized Books for Dad

One of the best Father’s Day gift ideas out there comes in the form of a book. Not just any book, however, this personalized gift for dad puts him at the center of the story! A personalized book for dad from Hooray Heroes let’s you choose all the details of your book including:

  • Name, gender, and look of the child
  • Name and appearance of dad
  • Choose your 10 favorite stories to create the content of the book
  • Choose a dedication or write your own

This is the kind of special Father’s Day gift you won’t find anywhere else. He’ll love it!

Father’s Day Gift Idea #5: Air Fryer and Air Fryer Cookbook

Everyone knows dad is the grill master but this year show him how awesome an air fryer can be, too! Next on our list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas is a Ninja Air Fryer and an air fryer cookbook to get him started. These tools can expand dad’s culinary skills to include delicious foods with a healthier spin.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #6: History By Mail Subscription Box

If your dad is a history buff, the next item on our list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas will have him super excited. The History By Mail subscription box from Uncommon Goods will deliver monthly replicas of historical documents to dad’s front door. Each document comes with an explanation of its historical significance and context. It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for history buff dads out there! 

Father’s Day Gift Idea #7: Best Shaving Kit for Men

For the dapper dads out there, a luxury shaving kit from The Art of Shaving makes one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for this year. Dad can pamper himself and keep looking his best with any of their incredible line of products. Choose from starter kits, full size shaving kits, or a la carte pieces to complete dad’s existing shaving routine. He will experience the difference it makes!

Father’s Day Gift Idea #8: Gravity Weighted Blanket

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas this year is a weighted blanket from Gravity Blanket. These full body blankets provide comfort and relaxation and make the perfect item to pair with a zero gravity chair. Weighted blankets have been shown to help you unwind before bed, relieve stress and anxiety, and are similar to deep pressure therapy. Your dad will certainly enjoy his and can think of you while he gets comfortable!

Coming up with the best Father’s Day gift ideas to celebrate all the dads and father figures out there doesn’t have to be hard. We hope we’ve inspired you with this list of Father’s Day gift ideas he’ll really enjoy! There’s something for every kind of dad out there. Whether you choose a beer subscription box as a gift that keeps giving, a shaving kit for self care and pampering, or choose a zero gravity chair that provides comfort and style, what matters most is that he’ll know you’ve given him a Father’s Day gift from the heart.

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