How a Zero Gravity Chair Benefits Your Body While Staying Home

couple relaxing in zero gravity chairs at home

As everyone is spending much more time at home these days, self-care activities are more important than ever to maintain your physical and mental health. It’s important to alleviate any elevated anxieties and consider how your lifestyle changes are affecting your body. Daily use of a zero gravity chair benefits a suddenly sedentary lifestyle by allowing you to practice proper sitting techniques, keeping good posture and a solid fitness routine. We’re examining how a zero gravity chair benefits your body while staying home:

Zero Gravity Position for Maintaining a Healthy Body

The largest and most obvious health benefits of zero gravity chairs are those that stem from the zero gravity position itself. Designed by NASA from observations on the neutral body position of astronauts in space, the zero gravity position recliners the body and elevates the legs above the heart level.

Zero gravity chairs evenly distribute weight along the body, reducing pressure on the spine. This spinal decompression makes using a zero gravity chair for back pain effective and efficient. The pressure reduction on the spine allows the spinal column to realign and discs to rehydrate faster due to improved circulation. Using a zero gravity chair benefits sciatica symptoms, as well, relaxing the back and pelvic region and reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve system.

Another health benefit of zero gravity chairs is improved blood circulation throughout the entire body. Increasing circulation means blood travels more easily to muscles and tissue along the whole body and takes pressure off the heart. Using a zero gravity recliner to improve heart health is a good practice at any age. Not only does better blood circulation improve the heart and heal the spinal column, it has also been shown to improve respiratory function and reduce inflammation.

Zero Gravity Chair Netflix and Chill?

If you’re spending more time at home, chances are you’re engaging in more screen time than before. A zero gravity chair benefits the viewing experience as a comfortable and relaxing alternative to the worn-down couch! Binge watch your favorite shows guilt-free while you effortlessly reap the health benefits of zero gravity chairs. Watching a drama? The best zero gravity chairs have built-in massage features. Use your zero gravity massage recliner and let the characters on the screen be the only ones stressed out!

While you enjoy your favorite movies and shows, consider turning off your screens at least an hour before bed or wearing blue light blocking glasses to reduce blue light exposure. Blue light can disrupt your natural sleep cycle and be potentially harmful to your retinas.

Gaming in a Zero Gravity Chair

Staying home doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to connect with others! Your zero gravity chair is the perfect way to practice social distancing while beating all your friends on video games. Have your zero gravity recliner upright while you play and recline and relax during breaks! Who doesn’t want a gaming chair that can double as a body-healing recliner? Playing a single-player game? Enjoy it solo in the most comfortable recliner you’ll ever sit in!

Zero Gravity Sleep Quality

A favorite of the many health benefits of zero gravity chairs is improved sleep quality. Reduced spinal pressure, better circulation, and stress level management all combine as ways a zero gravity chair benefits sleep. As your body is more fully relaxed, you can enter a deeper REM cycle as you sleep that’ll leave you feeling more rested and help your body heal more rapidly.

Not only providing deeper sleep, a zero gravity chair benefits symptoms of sleep apnea, as well. Sleep apnea is dangerous as it can cause high blood pressure, increasing the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke. The obstruction of the airways prevents proper breathing while sleeping and also adds pressure to the respiratory system. Using a zero gravity chair to improve sleep quality alleviates sleep apnea symptoms as the zero gravity position helps leave clear airways while you sleep. Clear airways also tend to reduce snoring, which can be a problem for those around you, too!

Reading in Zero Gravity Position

Far better than a traditional recliner, using a zero gravity chair benefits your reading experience as you take care of your mind and body while staying at home. Reading in zero gravity position allows you to maintain proper posture instead of subconsciously hunching over or leaning down to read.

You’ll also find reading in a zero gravity chair reduces stress levels and relieves anxiety. Staying at home can cause these feelings to arise in anyone. It’s just as important to consider mental health while staying at home. 


Another health benefit of zero gravity chairs comes from zero gravity meditation. Mediation is a great way to manage stress levels, reduce anxiety, and has been shown to lower blood pressure. There are many types of meditation you can do in zero gravity recliners so finding one that fits your preference should be easy. Some of our favorites are guided meditation and mindfulness meditation.

Meditating in a zero gravity chair doesn’t have to be an all-day affair. Studies have shown even a few minutes of meditating each day works to manage stress, reduce pain, improve cognitive functions, and fight depression. 

At-Home Zero Gravity Chair Exercises

Keeping active is essential to maintaining both your physical and mental health. Exercising keeps your muscles strong, improves flexibility and mobility, and releases endorphins known to improve mood and decrease pain levels. There are a number of activities to do while relaxing in your zero gravity chair to keep you active while staying at home. Some favorites include quad lifts, core-building exercises, and calf raises.

There are also a number of ways to incorporate zero gravity recliners into your daily fitness routine to take care of your body after working out. Fitness doesn’t stop after the last exercise rep!

Your zero gravity chair benefits your body while staying at home by supporting you mentally and physically. Daily use will make a huge improvement in your life. Select the best zero gravity chair for your lifestyle and experience the benefits for yourself.

Pro tip: If you’re increasing your screen time, consider pairing these with your zero gravity chair while working from home or relaxing!