Your Guide to the Best Luxury Valentine's Day Gifts!

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Health and wellness aren’t just buzzwords, they’re important parts of every person’s life and should be prioritized in order to protect and promote your overall well-being. Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all its forms, so what better way to show someone (or yourself!) how much you care than with luxury Valentine's Day gifts for health and wellness? After all, health is the new wealth.

Choosing Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts They’ll Love

More than ever, we’re recognizing the importance of self-care, prioritizing mental health, and practicing healthier lifestyles. Whether you or a loved one are just starting down the path to health and wellness, they’re a self-care pro, or maybe just need to be reminded how special they are, we’ve put together our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts this year. These luxury Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to be a hit with anyone:

  • Infrared sauna blanket
  • Guided gratitude journal
  • Svago zero gravity chair
  • Indoor plant for healthy green living
  • Massage gun for muscle relief on the go
  • Headspace subscription for mindfulness, meditation, and sleep

Infrared Sauna Blanket

One of the popular health and wellness trends going into the new year is the potential benefits of infrared light. The HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket aims to detoxify the body, relax the mind, elevate mood, help with skin improvement, and promote larger production of the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins).

Far infrared rays may help deliver a deep, detoxifying sweat, helping the body to push out heavy metals and increasing the heart rate. These luxury Valentine’s Day gifts will let your loved one experience the potential benefits of safe infrared lights from the comfort and privacy of home.

Guided Gratitude Journal

Not all luxury Valentine’s Day gifts have to be big and flashy! Next up on our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts this year for health and wellness is the 5 Minute Journal from Intelligent Change. Available in 6 colors, this journal helps you focus on positivity and mindfulness with guided and structured exercises.

These luxury Valentine’s Day gifts may help improve mental health, help you avoid stress-related health problems, and enhance your daily outlook! Each journal has enough pages and exercises for 6 months of daily journaling making it one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts they can use for a long time.

Svago Zero Gravity Chair

When it comes to luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for health and wellness, there’s nothing better than a Svago zero gravity chair. Providing three models to choose from, these luxury zero gravity chairs make the best Valentine’s Day gifts with options to fit your needs and budget.

The potential health benefits of zero gravity chairs elevate Svago zero gravity chairs like The ZGR and The Lite beyond the levels of any ordinary recliner. The zero gravity position design may provide better blood circulation, lower back pain relief, help improve heart health naturally and speed up how the body heals itself.

Finding the best luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for health and wellness doesn’t end at physical benefits. Using a zero gravity chair may improve mental health, as well. From practicing zero gravity meditation as your loved one learns how to meditate at home to lowering cortisol levels that could help with stress management, these chairs aim to provide a full mental wellness experience.

You’ll also find a variety of zero gravity chair bonus features in each Svago model including:

Durability and luxury come together in the royal top grain leather material of The Newton model.  For the environmentally conscious and cruelty-free consumer, there are also options for vegan faux leather upholstery, as well. Adaptable to many different interior design styles, each model has multiple material and base colors to choose from. Svago zero gravity chairs make the best luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for a loved one or even yourself!

Indoor Plants for Green Living

The next entry on our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts this year is a luxury indoor plant from The Sill. Indoor plants have been shown by experts to potentially reduce psychological and physiological stress, making them perfect to pair with gifts for health and wellness.

Plants from The Sill are shipped in special grow pots and with a lovely note. These luxury Valentine’s Day gifts could improve mental health, physical health, and even function as air purifiers for the home!

Portable Massage Gun

Portable massage guns like the Theragun PRO make the ideal luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for athletes and active individuals. Whether they use them to enhance their zero gravity chair massage experience or as part of a post workout recovery routine at home or on the go, these portable devices relieve stress and muscle tension while relaxing the body.

The Theragun PRO comes with an ergonomic grip, two color options, smart app integration, customizable speed range, and more. Another perfect gift for your Valentine or yourself!

Headspace Subscription

Last, though not least, on our list of luxury Valentine’s Day gifts is a subscription to Headspace. Headspace is part of Headspace Health, aiming to be the world’s most accessible, comprehensive provider of mental health and well-being care. Users are able to listen to programs designed for meditation, sleep, stress, and mindfulness to improve their overall health. A subscription to Headspace makes a great gift idea alone but can pair with a zero gravity chair to create one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts your loved one could receive.

We hope this guide to the best luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for health and wellness has given you ideas and inspiration for your loved ones this year. More than ever, we’re recognizing and prioritizing the importance of self-care for our overall well-being. Whether you consider a subscription to Headspace for meditation, green plants to purify the air, or choose a zero gravity chair for style and utility, make their day and remind them just how much they mean to you.

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