What is the Best Recliner for Sleeping? (Yep, It's Good For You!)

woman sleeping in zero gravity recliner


Sitting in recliners is comfortable, but sleeping in them is great! Everyone has their favorite recliner. It’s that one special chair that has probably seen better days but you just can’t let it go because you’ve spent all that time breaking it in, right? The truth is that traditional recliner wasn’t doing you any favors to begin with and that’s where zero gravity recliners come to the rescue!

Before we jump into why zero gravity recliners are the best recliners for sleeping, let’s see if sleeping in them is good for you (hint: it is).

Is Sleeping in a Recliner Good for You?

Of course it is! It all depends on the recliner you’re using, though. There are loads of potential benefits to sleeping in a zero gravity recliner.

One potential benefit is sleeping in a recliner to fight sleep apnea symptoms. Sleep apnea is a blockage of airways that disrupts airflow while sleeping. Main symptoms of this include excessive snoring, restless sleep, headaches, and sleepiness during the day. It can be a very dangerous disorder potentially resulting in high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack or stroke, diabetes, and depression.

Sleeping in a zero gravity recliner has also been known to help with back pain, acid reflux, and blood flow by taking some of the pressure off the body.

Limitation of a Traditional Recliner

The benefits of sleeping in a recliner can only be experienced so much in a traditional recliner. By design, they’re more limited in functionality and purpose. Yes they’re comfortable (as all recliners should be!) but the reclining position in traditional recliners doesn’t go far enough to positively affect your entire body.

In a traditional recliner, pressure is slightly shifted from the back but is then displaced on to the pelvic region. This can inadvertently be a causal factor in sciatica symptoms from the compression of the sciatic nerve system. Since the body is reclined at the waist and the legs only elevated so much, it can also lead to blood flow problems to the lower extremities over extended periods of time.

Furthermore, many traditional recliners lack the lumbar support found in zero gravity recliners. Lumbar support helps restore and keep the natural s-shaped curvature of the spine. This spinal realignment is crucial for maintaining proper posture and dramatically reducing back pain.

The Difference of Sleeping in Zero Gravity Recliners

Using a zero gravity chair for improving sleep quality makes a world of difference beyond traditional recliners. They make the best recliner for sleeping because they enhance every benefit of the traditional recliner while adding in many more. This gives you better sleep quality while simultaneously improving your physical and mental health.

In the zero gravity position the legs are elevated above the heart level to evenly distribute your bodyweight and reduce pressure along your entire body. This position allows for spinal decompression and accelerated healing. As the spine decompresses, oxygen and nutrients rehydrate discs. Even 20 minutes a day of zero gravity chair usage can result in the same amount of spinal healing it takes 8-10 hours to achieve in a traditional bed. This means you’re getting full results even from short naps!

Speaking of short naps, while some make the switch from a traditional bed to sleeping in a zero gravity recliner every night, maybe you’re just wanting power naps to feel re-energized during your day. The best zero gravity recliners for sleeping provide luxury features like smart wake up programs. These programs gently wake you up so you don’t accidentally oversleep and offset your natural sleep cycle!

Sleeping in zero gravity recliners increases blood circulation throughout your body. While you’re comfortably relaxing, blood is flowing more efficiently through your body lowering blood pressure, reducing stress on your heart, and healing muscles faster. This also improves lung functionality, letting you take deeper breaths and achieve better sleep quality.

Zero gravity recliners also top our list as the best recliners for sleeping because they alleviate lower back pain and sciatica symptoms. In the zero gravity position, spinal compression treats sciatica symptoms by reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve system and pelvic region along with the back. It also reduces the typical symptoms of lower back pain, which is experienced by almost 80 percent of people at some point throughout their lifetime. Left unchecked, it can turn into chronic back pain and cause permanent damage. The zero gravity recliner is the best recliner for sleeping because as your lower back pain goes away, you’re able to achieve deeper REM cycles resulting in more restful, healthy sleep.

Lower back pain relief, better sleep quality, and safe sleeping positions are also health benefits of zero gravity recliners for pregnant women that make them the best recliners for sleeping. Fighting sleep apnea, reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and reducing inflammation all keep mom and baby safer from potentially serious health risks like preeclampsia.

The list of how zero gravity recliners make the best recliners for sleeping goes on and on. Better sleep quality means better physical and mental health, keeping your body functioning its best. Choose the best zero gravity recliner to fit your lifestyle and experience the difference it makes in your sleep habits.

Bonus! Zero gravity recliners aren’t just good for sleeping! Learn ways to integrate zero gravity recliners into your fitness routine.