7 Living Room Trends We're Excited to See in 2022

photof of a trendy living room


For those with an eye for interior design and decorating, a new year brings with it the excitement of seeing what the newest trends are and what opportunities they bring. After all, what better time to do a full living room refresh than to kick off the first months of the new year?

When it comes to the latest living room furniture trends and decorating ideas, 2022 doesn’t disappoint. From an exploration of shapes to embracing bold colors, we’re exploring seven living room trends we’re excited to see in 2022. Read on and be inspired!

Living Room Trends We Can’t Wait to Try

The new year has brought with it living room trends we can’t wait to try. There are a wide variety of updated color and pattern choices making themselves popular amongst design enthusiasts and those looking to give their home a fun refresh. Also making themselves known this year are trending living room furniture ideas that are adaptable to multiple needs.

To help you get inspired for your 2022 living room refresh, we’ve put together our favorite living room trends we’re excited to see this year. They include:

  • Vibrant living room color and pattern options
  • Maximizing light with mirrors for the living room
  • Multifunctional furniture ideas
  • Mixing wood tones in living room decor
  • Creating a calming environment
  • Curved furniture design elements
  • Sustainable materials for the eco-conscious

Vibrant Living Room Color and Pattern Options

Whether using bright colors comes naturally to you or they mark a step outside your regular comfort zone, there’s no denying these living room trends add some zest to any space. This year is bringing with it a variety of bold choices for adding pops of vibrant living room color and pattern options to your home.

This doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and cover every surface in a funky shade of lime green or hot pink! You’ll find, however, that choosing one or two bold colors or patterns is an easy way to add visual interest to your living room and breathe new life into your interior design.

If you’ve got furniture pieces that easily adapt to different interior design styles, then adding in a pop of color or new pattern option this year is even easier because you don’t have to worry about accidental clashes. Be bold and see how it transforms your space!

Maximizing Light With Mirrors for the Living Room

One of the oldest tricks in the book to maximize light in your space is making its way back into popularity as part of the living room trends we’re excited to see in 2022. Mirrors for the living room not only reflect light and maximize its illuminating qualities, but they can also help a space appear larger than it really is. This makes them perfect whether you’re looking for big family room design ideas or inspiration for decorating small spaces.

Mirrors in the living room are also the perfect opportunity to blend the old and the new seamlessly. Consider unique opportunities to blend an antiqued mirror look with contemporary trending living room furniture designs to up your room’s visual dynamics.

Embracing Multifunctional Living Room Furniture

Part of this year’s living room trends is embracing multifunctional living room furniture ideas. As people have spent more time at home in recent years, the need for multifunctional furniture ideas in the living room to serve a variety of needs at any time has been highlighted.

We’re seeing how the latest living room furniture trends are turning spaces into multipurpose rooms altogether. Who says your living room can’t double as part of a home office design setup? What about serving as your “home gym” when you want to exercise?

For example, adding a luxury zero gravity chair to your living room space can serve a wide range of purposes. They’re not just a stylish seating option, but also provide a tool that can be used for full body workout exercises, an anchor piece for building a reading nook, or even a piece for creating a zen spot in the living room for meditation.

Mixing Wood Tones in Living Room Decor

While never fully gone from stylish decor, wood accents in the living room are seeing a resurgence in popularity this year and make one of the living room trends we’re most excited for! Mixing wood tones in living room decor gives you the opportunity to add warmth or character to your space no matter if you prefer a traditional look or a modern design aesthetic.

Examples of these trending living room furniture ideas include accent tables with wood elements mixing tones against beautiful hardwood flooring. Other elements like zero gravity chairs with hand-carved wood bases add opportunities for beauty and style to meet adaptive design and boost any look.

Bonus Tip: Take these living room trends a step further and mix materials like woods and metals to boost visual interest even more.

Creating a Calming Environment in the Living Room

Next on our list of living room trends is creating a calm space within your home. Just because you’ve added pops of vibrant color or mixed materials like woods and metals doesn’t mean your space can’t be calming and serene.

Perhaps the most notable living room trends for creating a calming environment in the living room is seen in the increase of nature-based or biophilic designs. These designs embrace natural lighting and ventilation, often incorporating plants and green hues to create a visual connection with nature.

Having a calming living room can also create the perfect setting for relaxing night time routines or other self-care activities you may engage in for mental and physical well-being!

Curved Furniture Design Elements

The new year is bringing with it new trending living room furniture design ideas, too. Curved furniture design elements make for living room trends that harken back to beautiful mid-century modern vibes of the 60s and 70s. That said, curved furniture doesn’t mean your living room is suddenly retro, either!

Curved furniture design elements are able to walk the line between different design aesthetics from modern to traditional. For example, adding a zero gravity swivel chair can perfectly blend curved furniture design elements with luxury upholstery and mixed materials for a visually-dynamic (and multifunctional) piece. Added features you may find in these chairs like massage and heat therapy enhance the potential health benefits of zero gravity chairs, improving your living space.

Sustainable Materials for the Eco-Conscious

Last, though certainly not least, on our list of living room trends we’re excited to see in 2022 comes the continued growth of sustainable materials for the animal-friendly, eco-conscious consumer. While leather family room furniture ideas are beautiful and timeless, faux leather furniture options are becoming increasingly sought. For those seeking alternatives to leather furniture and decor, these vegan leather options are able to provide the same look without sacrificing quality.

As you can see, these living room trends for 2022 don’t disappoint! From vibrant pops of color to trending living room furniture designs, there’s something for everyone to breathe new life into their space. Consider adding mirrors to maximize light, bringing in plants for natural qualities, or choosing a zero gravity chair for a multipurpose seating option that adapts to any style. Whatever you choose, let your home be a reflection of you!

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