5 Chiropractic Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

man needing chiropractic benefits of zero gravity chairs

Back pain, injuries, and muscle strain are some of the common reasons an average of 35 million adults in America see chiropractors each year. Of those, almost 77% reported feeling their treatment was very effective. What if those chiropractic benefits were able to extend between visits with at home chiropractic care?

That’s where the health benefits of zero gravity chairs come to light. Choosing the best zero gravity chair for back pain for at home chiropractic care may help boost the effects of treatment and provide ongoing relief at home. While it’s important to speak with your healthcare professional to determine before beginning any home treatments, zero gravity chairs benefit people of all ages.

With that said, let’s take a look at 5 chiropractic benefits of zero gravity chairs for at home chiropractic care!

At Home Chiropractic Care Using Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

Chiropractors use muscle manipulation and other spinal adjustment techniques to help the body heal itself more quickly and alleviate sources of pain. These adjustments and manipulations can help with flexibility, mobility, and treating muscle strain. Using a zero gravity chair for at home chiropractic care may help provide some of the same benefits!

Some chiropractic benefits of zero gravity chairs include:

  • Loosening muscles with massage features
  • Better circulation for faster tissue healing
  • Spinal Care benefits of the zero gravity position
  • Spinal alignment with posture support
  • Naturally boosting human body systems

Zero Gravity Chair Massage Features to Loosen Tight Muscles

At home chiropractic care is all about finding ways to experience back pain relief, increased flexibility, and bettering mobility outside of the chiropractor office. High end zero gravity chairs with massage features can help loosen tight muscles and release pain relieving hormones throughout your body.

Massage has been shown to help muscles stay loose, increase the production of endorphins, and decrease cortisol levels in the body. This helps you experience a deeper relaxation and better pain relief while your zero gravity chair massage features loosen tight muscles.

Similar to the chiropractic benefits of muscle manipulation, these chairs help keep you feeling great in the comfort of your own home!

Using Zero Gravity Chairs to Improve Circulation and Enhance Healing

Another benefit of at home chiropractic care using zero gravity chairs is better circulation. Increased blood circulation brings oxygen and essential nutrients to the tissues along the spinal column helping damaged tissue to heal faster. Faster healing helps reduce swelling and inflammation while alleviating lower back pain stemming from things like sports injuries and muscle strain.

So how does a zero gravity chair improve blood circulation, exactly? In the zero gravity position, the legs are elevated above the heart level. This reduces pressure along the spine and drastically increases blood flow throughout the body. In addition to being effective at home chiropractic care, this and other health benefits of zero gravity chairs can also help reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. 

Spinal Care in Zero Gravity Position

Speaking of the chiropractic benefits of zero gravity position, let’s take a look at the next chiropractic benefit of zero gravity chairs: spinal decompression. During the course of our daily lives, gravity takes a toll on our spines. This means that our spines compress and we can actually shrink a little! More importantly, however, is that spinal decompression can lead to chronic back pain and other sources of spinal discomfort.

Using a zero gravity chair for spinal decompression allows the discs to rehydrate more efficiently. In fact, daily usage of a zero gravity chair for even 20 minutes can provide the same spinal healing seen in 8 to 10 hours of sleep!

Using a zero gravity chair for at home chiropractic care is great for spinal realignment and the deeper relaxation. In the zero gravity position, pain subsides and healing begins.

Zero Gravity Chair Posture Support for Spinal Alignment

For spinal alignment with at home chiropractic care, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right posture support. Poor posture and other bad sitting habits can lead to long term health problems.

Choosing a zero gravity chair with lumbar support can help keep your spine in its natural S-shaped curvature. Proper posture can alleviate neck pain, prevent pain from sitting too long, and can help avoid more severe spinal issues such as adult kyphosis.

Naturally Boosting Human Body Systems Using a Zero Gravity Chair

When you think of chiropractic benefits, you may simply jump straight to activities for back pain relief or spinal adjustments to help the body heal faster. Not all chiropractic benefits are quite so easily noticed, however. Chiropractic adjustments are also aimed at helping the body as a whole.

Therefore, one of the benefits of zero gravity chairs for at home chiropractic care that may surprise you is how they help naturally boost human body systems. For example, improving blood circulation is evidence of boosting the circulatory system. This boost helps reduce pressure on the heart and can help regulate hypertension. As it’s a natural remedy for hypertension, it can be especially helpful for those looking to learn how to lower blood pressure during pregnancy.

Other ways you may benefit from using a zero gravity chair for at home chiropractic care include boosting your immune system and increasing lung function naturally.

So many benefits able to be experienced using zero gravity chairs makes them a clear tool for at home chiropractic care. Choose a zero gravity chair that suits your lifestyle to experience chiropractic benefits from the comfort of your own home! You’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without one. As always, before taking part in any at home chiropractic care it’s important to discuss it with your healthcare professional.

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