Zero Gravity Massage vs. a Traditional Massage Chair

zero gravity massage chair vs traditional massage chair


Getting a massage has proven health benefits from treating lower back pain to reducing stress and anxiety. Getting a massage on a regular basis isn’t an option for everyone, however, with hectic schedules, personal comfort levels, and potential health restrictions (such as mobility issues).

This is where home massage chair options come to the rescue. Do you want a traditional massage chair? What is a zero gravity massage chair? Choosing which is best for you may seem overwhelming at first but have no fear. We’re comparing zero gravity massage vs a traditional massage chair to help you see which one is better suited for your lifestyle.

Reclining Capabilities of Zero Gravity Massage vs. a Traditional Massage Chair

A traditional massage chair will lean back to the same position as a regular recliner. While this is undoubtedly comfortable, it’s missing out on the enhanced health benefits of zero gravity chairs for people of all ages. In a zero gravity massage chair, you can recline all the way back to the neutral body position. This position, also known as zero gravity position, raises your legs above your heart level and evenly distributes your weight along your body.

How does zero gravity position make a difference? Your zero gravity massage chair reduces pressure along your spine, lower back, and pelvic region. This allows for spinal decompression and reduces the pressure on the sciatic nerve. As one of the most popular reasons for buying a massage chair is to treat lower back pain, the zero gravity recliner is the clear winner here.

Other health benefits of zero gravity massage chairs that make them the winner over traditional massage chairs include improving blood circulation, reducing pressure on the heart, and leading to better sleep quality

Massage Chair Features

If you’re comparing zero gravity massage vs. a traditional massage chair you’re likely interested in features they offer. Obviously both will provide massage features, but what else are you getting for your money?

Many times the most basic and mid-level massage chairs will provide little beyond traditional massage features. When they start to move beyond the basics, they begin with slightly customizable massage functions. While this can be useful, it’s still just focusing on massage.

Zero gravity massage chairs, by comparison, tend to offer more luxury features, even at lower price points. In a more entry-level zero gravity massage chair model you may still encounter features such as heat therapy. Heat therapy is incredibly useful in conjunction with massage to keep muscles loose, blood circulation optimal, and improve your overall health. It is great for helping alleviate lower back pain and muscle tension. Only roughly half of traditional massage chairs offer heat therapy functions and at much higher price points.

Higher-end zero gravity massage chairs may also offer other luxury features such as lumbar support, customizable programs, and even smart wake-up programs to keep you from accidentally oversleeping while you’re so comfortable!

In the additional features category of a comparison between zero gravity massage vs. a traditional recliner the verdict is in and the clear winner is the zero gravity massage chair. 

Cost of a Zero Gravity Massage vs. a Traditional Massage Chair

When you go to purchase a new furniture piece one of the first things you’re going to consider is your budget. Comparing a zero gravity massage vs. a traditional massage chair here shows a wide range of prices for each. What it comes down to is value for the money you spend.

The higher end zero gravity massage chairs are typically much cheaper than the higher end traditional massage chairs while simultaneously providing more features. This gives the zero gravity massage chair yet another win in our comparison. 

Massage Chair Design and Style

Your massage chair is going to be in your home and possibly in a common living space so it makes sense you’ll want it to have a certain level of style that matches your aesthetic. The look of zero gravity massage vs. a traditional massage chair is immediately evident.

Traditional massage chairs can be extremely bulky. While they are intended for a full-body massage experience, this slight difference comes at the cost of appearing quite as modern or having as many aesthetic variations. In a traditional massage chair you’re more encapsulated into the chair instead of resting on it.

In a zero gravity massage chair, however, you’ll find a wider variety of colors, styles, and materials available. There are even plenty of vegan leather/synthetic hide chair options for those looking for cruelty-free options. Luxury zero gravity chairs are more modern, allowing them to adapt to your home’s style more easily. Furthermore, they take up much less space both physically and visually. This gives you more places in your home for a zero gravity chair to fit easily.

When making the comparison between zero gravity massage vs. a traditional massage chair, there’s a clear winner. For overall value, available features, design, style, and price point, choosing a zero gravity massage chair is the right way to go. Experience their comfort and style while they take care of your mind and body. You’ll be glad you did!

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