Living Room Design Ideas for Using a Recliner

living room design idea for using a recilner

When people hear the word “recliner” they sometimes think back to the clunky, space-takers of days past. Today’s recliners, however, are so much better! Modern recliners like zero gravity recliners not only provide immense health benefits but are versatile for spaces of any size and design aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking for big family room design ideas or ways to add seating in smaller spaces, these chairs will quickly become your new favorite spot. Not only do they provide the extra seating you need, but also offer lots of options for living room furniture arrangements to fit every occasion. We’re busting through the myths and concerns about these fantastic chairs and giving you five living room design ideas for using a recliner in your home!

Using a Recliner With Different Living Room Design Ideas

With hectic schedules and the rise in popularity of multifunctional furniture pieces, people today are looking for versatility in their home. Modern recliner designs like zero gravity recliners are keeping up and providing everything you need and more.

If you think of recliners as being too big and bulky for your space, we’re here to show you how that’s not the case! Check out these tips and living room design ideas for using a recliner and learn just how versatile they are:

  • Consider a corner recliner to round out your living room
  • Connect your recliner to the rest of the room with end tables and lamps
  • Don’t be afraid to float your recliner into the room
  • For smaller spaces, pair a recliner with a loveseat
  • Play with furniture scale to mix and match pieces with your recliner

Living Room Comfort With a Corner Recliner

We’re getting started with one of the most common living room design ideas for using a recliner to round out your furniture arrangement and create a good flow. Choosing chairs for your living room corner such as a zero gravity recliner adds living room seating where there may otherwise be a wasted odd space. Having a corner recliner also helps you avoid a cluttered look because it creates a natural flow to L-shaped furniture configurations without crowding the walkspace!

If you’re someone who wants the ability to rearrange furniture to fit your needs (so, all of us!) placing a zero gravity recliner in the corner is perfect for events like hosting family for the holidays. This simple arrangement creates great open space for conversation and doesn’t block anyone off.  

Placing End Tables With Living Room Recliners

Next in our list of tips and living room design ideas for using a recliner is to help it seamlessly blend in by flanking it with end tables or other console tables. The addition of end tables next to a recliner helps connect your chair to the rest of the room.

This is also a great addition to modern chairs if you’re looking to use a zero gravity recliner for a relaxing night time routine! Having end tables accompany your zero gravity recliner provides opportunity for extra lighting while journaling in the evening and setting the mood while meditating to de-stress or listening to your favorite music app to unwind before bed. 

Don’t Fear Floating Living Room Recliners

While the first instinct for many is to line the walls with chairs and couches, don’t be afraid of floating living room furniture! Modern recliners like zero gravity recliners offer many stylish designs that fit a wide variety of aesthetics. You don’t have to tuck your chair away in a corner to try and keep it hidden!

Instead of trying to mask your recliner, try making it a focal point. Versatile pieces like zero gravity chairs can be showpieces in any home. Style, comfort, and even providing health benefits for all ages? It’s a win all around!

Pair a Zero Gravity Recliner With a Loveseat in Smaller Living Spaces

If you’re looking for furniture ideas for decorating smaller spaces, you don’t have to shy away from recliners. These versatile furniture pieces make great additions to smaller rooms, too.

The key to decorating any smaller space is tricking the eye into making the room feel larger than it is. In this case, try pairing a modern recliner such as a zero gravity recliner with a loveseat instead of a full size couch. You’ll still get the added seating and your room will appear larger while allowing for small empty spaces (overcrowding can make a room appear cluttered).

Other tricks to pair with small living room design ideas for using a recliner include adding a large rug that covers most of the floor space. While it may seem counterintuitive, the large rug can actually help make a room appear larger than it is plus it makes for a fantastic accent piece!

Play With Living Room Furniture Scale

Last, but certainly not least, in our list of tips and living room design ideas for using a recliner is playing with furniture scale. Varying furniture size and scale are great ways to manipulate the eye into creating a visually dynamic living room design.

For example, if you’re adding a zero gravity recliner to your living room, pairing it with an oversized coffee table can help mask the size and help it blend even more. If you’re looking to play with levels, try a multi-tiered coffee table! These often expand and contract to fit your needs and can also be very handy for holding food and drinks while hosting guests.

Don’t be afraid to play around with size and scale when pairing furniture with living room recliners. You’ll love the uniqueness and stylishness it brings to your home!

Recliners are no longer the clunky, overbearing pieces of decades past. Modern recliners offer stylish designs that adapt to many living room design ideas regardless of the size of your space. In the debate between zero gravity recliners vs traditional recliners for your addition, the choice is easy. Zero gravity recliners take comfort and style a step further and simultaneously help improve your overall health naturally as you relax! Choosing a zero gravity recliner as part of your living room design idea is a decision you won’t regret.

Bonus Tip:  Zero gravity recliners aren’t just great for living room design ideas. Check out our guide to 5 places in your home for zero gravity recliners and see how they fit anywhere!