Good Home Furniture for Hosting Family for the Holidays Next Year

dinner while hosting family for the holidays

Even though travel and family holiday gatherings are not recommended this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s never too early to start planning next year’s festivities! Hosting family for the holidays is a great tradition but one that can bring with it an astronomical amount of stress. Where will everyone sit? Is there room for some to stay over? Do you have enough table space for your holiday meals?

We’re taking a look at good home furniture for hosting family for the holidays that will put your mind at ease. Rest assured you’ll have it all figured out and be ready for a family of any size for future holiday seasons!

Good Home Furniture for Hosting the Holidays

Don’t spend the holidays stressing out about whether there’s enough seating in the living room or if you’ve got enough space for people to sleep if they stay over. If your home is the gathering space for normal holiday times, then choosing good home furniture for hosting family for the holidays will make your concerns disappear.

When you’re deciding on your home furniture, consider:

  • Selecting the right size table to fit your family
  • Choosing living room furniture that easily adjusts to your needs
  • Having versatile furniture that provides sleeping spaces for guests
  • Creating a multifunctional room in your house for when you have guests

Dining Room Table Ideas to Seat Everyone

Since many holidays are centered around food or sharing a meal, choosing the right dining room table for your home becomes more than selecting one for everyday dinner. Do you have a large family? Small? Do you have a formal dining room or is it casual? Do you have a seated meal or does everyone mix and mingle while choosing food buffet style?

These are all great questions to consider when getting dining room table ideas! If your space isn’t large enough to seat everyone at once, consider having a secondary table you can have set up while hosting family for the holidays. Many times families opt for a kids table for the younger ones in the family to enjoy together. If everyone can fit around a single dining room table, make sure you’ve got enough chairs!

Many dining room tables are expandable, too. So if you’re looking for a way to cut down on the table size during the rest of the year but have the space when you need it, check out options with an additional table leaf or two. These tables come in all shapes, sizes, and styles so you’re sure to find something that works with the interior design style of your home.

Living Room Furniture Ideas to Maximize Seating

When you’re not eating at the table or cooking in the kitchen during the holidays, you’re most likely in the living room. This center of the home is the obvious gathering spot when hosting family for the holidays! Choosing good home furniture that adjusts to your seating needs is essential.

While having a couch and loveseat might seem like the traditional setup for a living room, consider adding in chairs, as well. Choosing chairs for your living room gives you the ability to move furniture around as you need to create great conversation spaces for people to mix and mingle. Even better, they’re perfect whether you're looking for large family room design ideas or seeking furniture ideas for decorating small spaces.

If you want to take it a step further, add a zero gravity chair in the living room to give your guests comfort and health benefits! There are endless uses and benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages. Before dinner, a zero gravity chair is the perfect living room furniture piece to relax in during conversation. After a huge meal, using a zero gravity chair feels even better but also helps improve digestion! Who doesn’t love a chair that makes you feel good inside and out?

Choosing good home furniture in the living room for hosting family for the holidays in coming years can also help when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

Choosing Furniture for Hosting Guests Overnight

If you’re hosting family on holidays chances are you’ll be having some guests stay over. Whether it’s part of your family holiday tradition or simply the result of a little too much fun at the party, choosing furniture for hosting guests overnight will save you from being caught unprepared. Since not everyone has a dedicated guest room, it’s important to choose good home furniture that can function as a sleeping space for anyone staying the night.

The zero gravity chair you added to the living room is a prime place to double as a sleeping spot. In fact, zero gravity chairs improve sleep quality so your guests will wake feeling more rested than they have in a long time! If you need extra spaces on top of that, having a pullout couch or loveseat is another way to add sleeping spaces in your living room.

Creating a Multifunctional Room for Hosting Family for the Holidays

If you’re looking for another way to host family for the holidays in the future without having to load everyone into the living room, consider creating a multifunctional room in your home. If you’ve got a large home with extra bedrooms, you may already have a dedicated guest room. For those looking to maximize occupancy when needed, having a multifunctional room lets you use it for your lifestyle throughout the year and convert it as needed for hosting guests.

A perfect example of this can be in a home office. Since we’re all working from home more often these days, you’ve possibly already created a home office setup that works for you. Chances are during the holidays each year, however, you’re not clocking those hours at your desk so why design it to be able to host some of your guests staying the night? Adding a murphy bed to a home office room is a great way to have an additional bed when you need it and have it put out of the way when you don’t.

Today there are loads of options for Murphy bed designs. While the traditional stowaway cabinet may be most economical, you can also choose designs that function as extra wall storage while the bed is put away. Best of all, these masters of disguise transform seamlessly, removing the need to unload your shelves before pulling out the bed!

Even though your holidays plans for 2020 have been altered due to recommendations against having gatherings, it’s the perfect time to start dreaming of all the fun you can have next year! Hosting family for the holidays should be something you look forward to, not a cause of stress or anxiety. Good home furniture like choosing a zero gravity chair for the living room or an expandable table to seat everyone can make the holidays much easier. You’ll be able to sit back and relax with the family and know you’ve got everything under control!

Zero gravity chairs are great for living room seating but they are incredibly versatile, too. Check out 5 places in your home for a zero gravity chair or learn more about them here: What is a Zero Gravity Chair?