Improve Heart Health with Zero Gravity Chairs and Self-Care Activities

couple doing yoga outside

The heart works nonstop around the clock to keep us going. It pushes blood throughout the body, delivering oxygen, nutrients, and essential cells. The average heart beats 2.5 million times in a person’s lifetime!

As heart disease is a leading cause of death for both men and women, it is important to take proper care of it and improve heart health with a self-care routine at every age. The health benefits of zero gravity chairs make them a great addition to self-care activities.

Some essential ways to improve heart health with zero gravity chairs and self-care activities are:

  • Stay Active
  • Adopt a Health Diet
  • Get Good Quality Sleep
  • Manage Stress Levels
  • Use Heat Therapy and Massage
  • Improve Blood Circulation With Zero Gravity Positioning

Stay Active

Staying active is the number one way to maintain and improve heart health at any age. Whether that involves going to the gym or just taking a short walk, daily activity can help prevent heart disease, help manage weight, and improve blood circulation.

There are any number of simple exercises you can do at home to raise your heart rate and strengthen the heart muscle. Aerobic exercises, resistance training, and exercises for stretching, flexibility, and balance are all ways to be physically active. Raising the heart rate improves circulation and manages blood pressure. It also releases endorphins, helping not only improve heart health but mental health, as well.

When planning your daily activity, aim for at least 30-60 minutes each day. If you have been more sedentary, you may need to work up to these goals. The important thing is to stay positive and not overdo it as pushing yourself beyond current limitations could result in injury. Remember, every little bit counts. Walking the dog, leisurely gardening, and even doing work around the house are small ways to exercise for heart health. After a workout, using a zero gravity chair can soothe sore muscles, reduce muscle tension, and help the body heal. 

Adopt a Healthy Diet

A heart healthy diet plan is another way to take care of yourself. Eating right can improve cholesterol levels, manage blood sugar and blood pressure, and reduce your risk of diseases such as Type-2 diabetes.

Heart-healthy diet plans limit the intake of salt, sugars, saturated fats, and processed carbohydrates. In their place, consider healthy fats, lean meats and fishes, and proper servings of fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet is one of the simplest self-care activities you can adopt to improve heart health and fight cardiovascular disease. 

Get Good Quality Sleep

It may sound strange, but poor sleep quality can do more than leave you feeling tired and groggy. People who average less than 6 hours of sleep per night are shown to be at higher risk for high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease. It also affects mental health and can be a contributor to depression. Good sleep and heart health go together as high quality sleep allows the body to relax and heal.

Zero gravity chairs benefit sleep by promoting spinal decompression, increased blood circulation, fighting sleep apnea, and reducing back pain that may cause restless sleep. Extremely common amongst adults, sleep apnea symptoms are greatly reduced as airways remain clear. This results in a deeper REM cycle and higher quality sleep. 

Manage Stress Levels

Stress can elevate blood pressure and negatively impact the heart. In addition, many people cope with stress in unhealthy ways like poor eating habits, increased alcohol intake, or tobacco usage. Maintaining a healthy stress level is an essential self-care activity to improve heart health.

There are endless activities to help manage stress levels. Yoga is a great way to counter stress while centering the mind and body. There are various styles of yoga to fit your preference but each works to unify mind and body. Tai Chi is another excellent activity to help reduce stress and anxiety. This low-impact exercise keeps the body in slow, constant motion to safely stretch the muscles while improving flexibility and balance.

A popular non-physical activity that reduces stress levels is meditation. There is no “right” way to meditate and so finding what works best for you is key. Most meditation, however, is centered around focusing the mind and being present in the now as opposed to letting your mind wander to the past or future. Just a few quiet minutes of meditation each day can aid in improving heart health by managing stress levels.

Zero gravity chairs provide better sleep and relaxation, bringing about naturally-lowered stress levels. Fuller relaxation and deeper sleep decreases anxiety and depression, allowing one to maintain a clear headspace and function optimally.

Use Heat Therapy and Massage

Heat therapy and massage are two self-care activity favorites for many people. Luxury zero gravity chairs offering these features are perfect additions to your self-care routine. These work to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and thereby reduce stress on the heart. Heat therapy and massage features on zero gravity chairs can also be used to treat back pain and sciatica symptoms, promoting full-body healing and better relaxation. Such special essential features improve heart health by going hand-in-hand with fuller relaxation, deeper sleep, and managing stress. 

Improve Blood Circulation With Zero Gravity Positioning

When it comes to improving heart health, circulation is an essential component. The heart works nonstop to push blood through the body, carrying with it all the oxygen and nutrients we need to survive and thrive. Poor circulation can result in a number of health issues and lead to a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.

Zero gravity chairs put the body in neutral positioning with the feet positioned above the heart level, increasing circulation and reducing stress on the heart itself. In fact, the health benefits of zero gravity chairs really focus around improving circulation. Spinal decompression, relaxation, and heat and massage therapies all work together to take care of the heart, making your zero gravity chair an indispensable part of your self-care activities.

There are a number of ways to improve heart health with zero gravity chairs and self-care activities. Even five minutes a day can make a huge difference. Fight heart disease with a proper diet, daily activity, and a healthy lifestyle. A zero gravity chair added into your self-care routine can help improve heart health and let you live the life you love.