6 Facts About Zero Gravity Chairs

family having fun in zero gravity chairs

Zero gravity chairs have exploded in popularity in recent years. So much more than a traditional recliner, zero gravity chairs provide comfort and actively improve your overall mental and physical health. They don’t stop there, though! Beyond the health benefits of zero gravity chairs, they’re also perfect to integrate into your everyday life whether that be a daily fitness routine or simply as the most comfortable piece of furniture you’ll ever own.

Perfect for any age, zero gravity chairs are definitely multi-purpose pieces that will become immediately indispensable in your home. What’s so interesting about them? Let’s take a look at 6 facts about zero gravity chairs:

NASA Inspired Zero Gravity Chairs

Loads of us wanted to be astronauts when we were growing up! You may not have made it to the moon (though if you did, cool!) but you’ll find the zero gravity position mimics the position of astronauts during launch. That’s because zero gravity chairs are derived from technology developed by NASA from observations on the neutral body position astronauts’ bodies take when free from the effects of gravity.

While you can’t escape gravity here on Earth, zero gravity position reduces pressure along the body by evenly distributing your weight. This position is what facilitates the health benefits of zero gravity chairs. So sit back and get ready to launch—into relaxation and healing!

Not All Zero Gravity Chairs Are Created Equally

Zero gravity chairs don’t just come in one form. Sure, the zero gravity position is the ultimate function of each, but there are multiple options to choose from when determining which is right for you. Do you want it for indoor or outdoor use? Fixed position or reclining? Simple or full of features? While the terms are frequently used interchangeably, it’s important to note the real differences of zero gravity chairs vs. zero gravity recliners and how they impact your body.

The lightest and most portable option are outdoor zero gravity chairs. These are lighter and designed to be able to be transported wherever you need them. They’re perfect for camping trips, beach visits, or even use outside at home!

Indoor fixed position zero gravity chairs are designed just how it sounds—fixed into the zero gravity position. These chairs may most resemble a traditional lounger. While the legs will still be elevated above the heart level providing the health benefits of zero gravity chairs, you won’t be able to transition into sitting upright in this option. They’re also typically unpowered just like their outdoor sibling, meaning they lack as many extra features as the next variation.

The indoor power zero gravity recliner is the sort of crown jewel of zero gravity chairs. These recliners can be used in the upright sitting position or recline into zero gravity position. They are built to be sturdy, often offering a higher weight limit for users. These types of zero gravity chairs may also have luxury features such as massage and heat therapy functions that further enhance the health benefits you experience. Though typically the largest investment, these chairs will last many years and become a staple in your household.

They Make the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Zero gravity chairs make the perfect addition to your home office! You might’ve thought they were only good for relaxing but why not be comfortable while you work? Pairing your zero gravity chair with other efficient work from home items lets you create the ultimate ergonomic home office setup.

The lumbar support from your zero gravity recliner helps maintain the natural “S” curvature of your spine to prevent pain from sitting too long and improve posture. Massage and heat therapy features on your recliner makes the workday a little bit better! Somehow being pampered makes that meeting that could’ve been an email a little easier to deal with, doesn’t it?

As working from home becomes more prevalent, ensuring your physical and mental health is looked after is all the more important. Zero gravity chairs will make all the difference!

They’re Useful as a Zero Gravity Exercise Chair

Another fun fact about zero gravity chairs is that they’re not just perfect for sitting! Who doesn’t want a furniture piece that provides health benefits and doubles as workout equipment?

There are a number of activities you can mix with your zero gravity chair to keep in shape. A favorite of our’s are core exercises to strengthen your back and improve your posture. These exercises are also perfect for helping provide lower back pain relief.

Done working out for the day? Bonus! Your zero gravity chair is also the perfect spot for protecting your mental health, too. It’s a prime spot for meditating or relaxing the mind with music and sound options

You Can Use Zero Gravity Chairs for Post Workout Recovery

You’ve incorporated your zero gravity chair into your daily fitness routine but did you know it can maximize the effectiveness of your workout afterward, too? The health benefits of zero gravity chairs are so multifaceted that they’re perfect for your post-workout recovery, as well.

Using zero gravity chairs for muscle strain or even just cooldown periods helps heal existing injuries and prevent new ones. It keeps the body strong, the muscles loose, and the body healing. Add in features like massage and heat therapy found in luxury zero gravity recliners and you’ve got the perfect post-workout routine perfect for everyone from the casual exerciser to athletes needing zero gravity healing

Faster Healing and Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

Probably the most commonly-known fact about zero gravity chairs is also what makes them so special and unique. The design for zero gravity chairs help them facilitate faster healing and improved health all over your entire body.

It starts with the zero gravity position itself. As noted from their history, it is designed to alleviate the effects of gravity across the body by evenly distributing body weight and reducing pressure on common areas like the lower back, pelvic region, and thighs. This allows for spinal decompression, rehydrating the discs and healing the tissue more efficiently.

As pressure is reduced along the body, blood circulation improves carrying nutrients and oxygen throughout the body more effectively. This also results in reducing pressure on the heart muscle, lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke. It has been shown that zero gravity chairs also help to improve the functionality of the respiratory system, too.

Then what is the fun fact here? The fun fact about zero gravity chairs is that they’ll positively affect your physical and mental health from top to bottom! It’s an experience that will change your life and keep you healthy for your many years to come.

We’ve explored 6 facts about zero gravity chairs that make them absolutely invaluable to your health and everyday life. Beneficial at any age from youth to older adults, zero gravity chairs fit seamlessly into any lifestyle. Choose which zero gravity recliner is the right one for you and get to feeling your best!

As we’re all spending more time indoors during recent times, read about how a zero gravity chair benefits your body while staying at home!