Using a Zero Gravity Recliner as a Pregnancy Chair

 pregnant woman using a zero gravity recliner

Pregnancy is an incredible journey filled with exciting new experiences, but it also comes with its own set of complications, as well. Even though you’re excited about your expanding family, pregnancy takes an enormous toll on your body. This makes self-care during pregnancy absolutely essential. To help take care of the body during (and after) pregnancy, many women have turned to choosing a pregnancy chair to give them the support they need.

Not any chair will do, however! Today, we’re talking about the benefits and potential of using a zero gravity recliner as a pregnancy chair to keep both you and your baby safe during and after your journey. Read on, and discover your new best friend!

What Is a Pregnancy Chair?

When you first hear the term “pregnancy chair” you may be wondering if we’re talking about a specific chair design meant solely for pregnant women. While any kind of chair can be a pregnancy chair, the goal behind having one is to provide you with the support you, your body, and your baby needs during and after your pregnancy experience.

What makes the best pregnancy chair? This comes down to a variety of factors ranging from comfort and support to practical usage.

Using a Zero Gravity Pregnancy Chair

When you’re pregnant, you have to be cautious about how you sit, stand, move, and even sleep! This means having a place to relax that gives you the support you need and the benefits you want couldn’t be more important. Using a luxury zero gravity chair as a pregnancy chair offers those who are pregnant a plethora of potential benefits and uses. These include:

  • Safe sitting positions during pregnancy
  • Massage features for comfort and relaxation
  • Reclining position for nursing
  • Support against new mom back pain

Safe Sitting Positions During Pregnancy

It’s important to learn how to sit properly while pregnant and which sitting positions to avoid during pregnancy in order to keep yourself from pain or discomfort. The impact of pregnancy on posture could lead to added aches, pains, or more serious complications during pregnancy that could jeopardize the health of your baby.

Zero gravity pregnancy chairs offer support and comfort needed for sitting safely during pregnancy (and after giving birth, as well). The firm seat cushion keeps you from subconsciously slouching as you may if you were sinking too far into the seat while the backrest keeps your spine in proper alignment. Additionally, the footrest of a zero gravity chair prevents your legs from dangling, which can result in blood circulation issues and result in painful swelling and inflammation.

Reclining in a zero gravity pregnancy chair also provides another safe sitting position during pregnancy to consider. As opposed to traditional recliners and chairs that focus pressure on the lower back, the zero gravity position alleviates this pressure as it elevates the legs above the heart level and distributes weight evenly along the body. This sitting position is not only safe while pregnant, but may help with how to lower blood pressure during pregnancy, as well.

Zero Gravity Chair Massage Features for Comfort and Relaxation

Next up on why using a zero gravity chair as a pregnancy chair is ideal comes the bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners such as massage. Can you use a massage chair while pregnant? In most cases, yes! While each person’s health is unique to them, making it crucial to consult your doctor before using a zero gravity chair with massage features, these massage pregnancy chairs are no more jarring than a brisk walk and experts have stated they present no harm to your baby.

There is no evidence that shows prenatal massage poses a risk for miscarriage, nor is there any more risk at 26 weeks than at 6 weeks. In fact, a study has shown that pregnant women benefit from massage therapy and that massage therapy could actually help reduce the risk of premature birth.

In addition to the safety factor of zero gravity massage chair features, some of the benefits of using a massage pregnancy chair features while pregnant include:

  • Reducing daily stress and anxieties during pregnancy
  • Alleviating pressure points along the body
  • Lowering back pain from pregnancy
  • Improving blood circulation

Note: Other features like heated zero gravity chairs may also be beneficial during pregnancy. Check with your doctor for advice before trying out these features to ensure your safety.

Reclining Position for Nursing

In honor of August being National Breastfeeding Month, let’s continue our exploration of using a zero gravity recliner as a pregnancy chair and how it can benefit nursing mothers. When you’re choosing a nursing chair, there are lots of things to consider that zero gravity recliners provide. If you are, or expecting to, breastfeed then you’ll want to consider the easiest ways to do that, as well.

In the zero gravity position, you’re perfectly placed into a reclined nursing position commonly known as biological nurturing. It’s often the first breastfeeding position mothers try as it is so effective. Being in this position in a zero gravity chair keeps you from having to support the full weight of your baby while nursing as well as offering your baby a comforting position against you.

Support Against New Mom Back Pain

While it may be last on our list of reasons for using a zero gravity recliner as a pregnancy chair, support against new mom back pain may be one of the most important benefits your zero gravity chair could provide.

During pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts and there is excess pressure on your lower back and pelvic areas. This shift can lead to pregnancy lower back pain that is both uncomfortable and stressful for both you and your baby. After delivery, you’ve got a whole new set of back pain considerations to consider! Now come the days and nights of holding your baby, nursing, and carrying them around. Carrying this extra weight can lead to pressure on the spine and common symptoms referred to as “new mom back pain.”

This is where using a zero gravity recliner as a pregnancy chair (and after pregnancy) comes in handy once again. Not only do they offer versatile styles for different nursery room ideas, but they’re also great at providing:

  • Comfort while sitting in your pregnancy chair
  • Lumbar support to prevent new mom back pain while nursing
  • Easy transfers getting in and out of your nursing chair

As you can see, using a zero gravity recliner as a pregnancy chair offers a variety of potential benefits that other chairs simply can’t match. Throughout your pregnancy journey, after delivery, and even once you no longer need a nursery chair, choosing a zero gravity chair makes a wise addition to your home. Their durability and functionality make them great for the whole family as you expand and grow.

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