Using a Zero Gravity Recliner as a Nursing Chair

woman with newborn in baby nursing chair

Welcoming a new baby into your family is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do but it also comes with a lot of changes and adaptations! One of the most important nursery room ideas when preparing for a baby is deciding on a nursing chair.

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your nursing chair comforting, calming, and taking care of your baby so it’s important that it works for both of you! We’re taking a look at why using a zero gravity recliner as a nursing chair is the best choice for you and baby. 

Choosing a Zero Gravity Recliner as a Baby Nursing Chair

When you’re looking at choosing a baby nursing chair, there are lots of things to consider that zero gravity recliners provide. Some of the most important items on our list are:

  • Comfort while sitting in your baby nursing chair
  • Your preferred breastfeeding position
  • Lumbar support to prevent lower back pain while nursing
  • Being able to easily get in and out of your nursing chair
  • Relaxing nursing chair features to take care of you while you take care of your baby

Being Comfortable in Your Baby Nursing Chair

First, and most obvious when it comes to choosing a baby nursing chair is comfort! You’ll be spending a lot of time in your nursing chair so you need to make sure it fits the needs for you and baby.

Using a zero gravity recliner as a baby nursing chair provides comfortable seating as well as the all-important armrests you’ll find are a total nursing chair must-have. While we’ll get to the benefits of zero gravity position momentarily, another benefit of a zero gravity recliner as a baby nursing chair is that it provides comfortable space for any nursing support pillow you may have. Additionally, the footrest portion of your zero gravity recliner will be a total blessing!

Finding a Baby Nursing Chair to Fit Your Preferred Breastfeeding Position

When it comes to nursing, establishing a routine is crucial. Even as newborns, we’re creatures of habit. This means finding the best breastfeeding position for nursing your baby and building a routine around it from the beginning will make it easier on both of you.

Here, using a zero gravity recliner as a baby nursing chair is ideal because of the zero gravity position. In the zero gravity position, you’re perfectly placed into a reclined nursing position. This breastfeeding position, also called biological nurturing, is often the first one moms try as it is so effective. Being in this position keeps you from having to support the full weight of your baby while nursing as well as offering your baby a comforting position against you. 

Zero Gravity Recliners Provide Lumbar Support as Baby Nursing Chairs

Using a zero gravity recliner as a baby nursing chair will also give you the lumbar support you need. Lower back pain is a common ailment among breastfeeding mothers due to the lack of lumbar support and their position while nursing their baby.

In a zero gravity recliner with lumbar support, you can maintain good posture, provide good support for your baby, and alleviate back pain you may experience! In zero gravity position, your weight is distributed evenly along your body, reducing the excess pressure on the lower back and pelvic region. This also alleviates pressure on the sciatic nerve system, making zero gravity recliners for sciatica symptoms very effective. 

Getting In and Out of Your Baby Nursing Chair Easily

You may not have given it much thought, but part of choosing the right baby nursing chair is ensuring you can get in and out of it easily! If you sink too far into a seat cushion or there isn’t enough back support, getting in and out of a baby nursing chair can be difficult, painful, or even risky for you and baby. While zero gravity recliners do lean back, they also provide enough support to keep you from struggling! 

Choosing a Baby Nursing Chair with Features That Take Care of You

Last on our list of reasons for using a zero gravity recliner as a nursing chair is that you want a nursing chair with features that take care of you, as well. Certainly the most important aspect of a baby nursing chair is safely and efficiently taking care of your baby, but if you choose a nursing chair that doesn’t look out for you, as well, then you’re more likely to encounter issues like back pain, neck pain, or muscle stiffness. After all, holding up your growing baby for a long time is exhausting!

High quality zero gravity recliners offer extra features like heat therapy and massage functions that make them perfect as a baby nursing chair. While your baby nurses against you or calms down while you hold them, your zero gravity recliner can be helping your body heal faster, keeping your muscles loose, and preventing pain from sitting too long. If you’re planning ahead, you can absolutely use a massage chair while pregnant, too!

As you find yourself spending more time in the nursing chair (and trust us, you’ll be spending more time in it than you think!), you’ll be grateful for the extra features that take care of you simultaneously. Once you’re finished using it as a nursing chair, you can consider moving it into a primary living space (or any number of places in your home for a recliner) as zero gravity chairs benefit people of all ages!

Preparing your nursery for a new baby is super exciting! In all the details, though, it can’t be stressed enough how important having the right baby nursing chair is. Choose a zero gravity recliner to experience an optimal nursing position and provide comfort for both you and baby. You’ll be thankful you did and want to spread the word!

If you’re looking for more ways to use your zero gravity chair it never hurts to plan ahead and get one while you’re pregnant! Check out our guides to the health benefits of zero gravity position during pregnancy and 8 tips for better sleep while pregnant.