5 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Lower Back Pain

active adult with lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments experienced by people of all ages. Studies have shown that lower back pain is experienced by an estimated 80 percent of people at some point in their lifetime and is the second-highest cause of disability in the United States. These afflictions can be caused by many things such as simple sprains, degenerative problems, nerve pressure, or issues in the spinal column. While some instances of lower back pain go away on their own over time, untreated chronic issues can lead to permanent disabilities or require surgical correction.

Maintaining good physical and mental health will treat current back pain and help prevent future pains, too. With a zero gravity chair lower back pain treatment along with other lifestyle changes are easily integrated. These simple changes and daily activities make a huge difference in your overall health. Here are 5 lifestyle changes to improve lower back pain and keep you feeling your best:

  • Adopt Healthy Eating Habits
  • Stay Active
  • Practice Good Posture
  • Daily Zero Gravity Position
  • Zero Gravity Stress Level Management

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy isn’t solely about weight management. While shedding excess pounds is an effective way to help treat lower back pain in overweight individuals, eating the right foods can also reduce inflammation and improve joint health. Salmon and some other types of fish are great additions to your diet. These fish are high in omega-3s and work to improve blood circulation throughout your body. This better circulation allows tissue to heal more effectively. Maintaining a healthy diet is a small change that makes a huge difference.

Stay Active

Staying active is another easy lifestyle change to improve lower back pain and overall health. There are endless types of exercises for lower back pain and sciatica that increase your daily movement. Some common favorites are yoga, simple physical exercises, and jogging. When the core muscles weaken, it can lead to more lower back pain. Staying active keeps your core muscles strong and healthy. This is why many people experiencing lower back pain are advised to increase their daily physical activity as much as possible. Exercise also releases endorphins in the body which work for natural pain relief and have been shown to improve your mental health. There are a number of easy activities you can mix with your zero gravity chair to get lower back pain relief at home. 

Practice Good Posture

Poor posture and lower back pain often go hand in hand. Improving posture reduces wear and tear on joints and muscles while simultaneously reducing back strain. This combo allows for the back to heal more rapidly and stay healthy. Good posture has even been shown to improve mental health.

You can practice proper posture in zero gravity recliners and through simple changes during daily activities like exercising. It’s especially important for those working at a desk for extended periods of time to ensure their practice good posture. It may take a bit to get used to, but once you’re in the habit good posture becomes second nature.

How to Use a Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

Using a zero gravity chair, lower back pain relief comes quickly and efficiently. The zero gravity position was designed to combat the effects of gravity on the body and help in spinal decompression. In zero gravity position weight is evenly distributed along the body and pressure is reduced on the spine.

Zero Gravity Back Pain Relief

Spinal decompression works to realign the spinal column and allow tissue to heal and discs to rehydrate. The reduced pressure alleviates inflammation that can be a prime source of lower back pain.

While lower back pain relief is one of the health benefits of zero gravity chairs, using your zero gravity recliner daily also works to improve blood circulation, reduce stress, and speed up bodily healing all over. Along with general lower back pain relief, it’s also effective to use a zero gravity chair for sciatica treatment

Stress Level Management

Lower back pain is a physical ailment but that doesn’t mean back pain relief only comes from physical activities. It’s important to remember your mental health, as well. Heightened stress levels can cause increased muscle tension. This tension can contribute to your lower back pain and be a hidden source of the problem.

There are multiple ways to manage your stress level for zero gravity chair lower back pain relief. Consider daily zero gravity meditation and breathing exercises to center yourself and focus your mind. Even a few minutes of meditation each day has been shown to effectively reduce stress levels and improve mental health.

While lower back pain is something you’ll most likely encounter at some point in your life, it doesn’t need to be fully debilitating. These lifestyle changes to improve lower back pain and prevent future injury are easy to integrate into your daily routine. Consider your option and select the right zero gravity chair for lower back pain to fit your lifestyle.

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