How to Beat Summer Insomnia

woman fighting summer insomnia


While there are tons of things to look forward to during the summer like vacations, playing sports, and getting outdoors again, many people also find themselves the unwelcome recipient of summer insomnia. These summer sleep problems aren’t uncommon, affecting millions of people each year.

Today, we’ll be exploring some common causes of summer sleep problems alongside how to beat summer insomnia and get a good night’s rest!

What Is Summer Insomnia?

The first question that may be on your mind is, “what is summer insomnia?” Summer insomnia is actually different from regular insomnia sleep disorders. One of the biggest reasons so many people experience summer sleep problems is because their sleep is affected by the extended daylight hours during summer. This shift in sunlight hours can negatively impact the natural production of melatonin within the body, which is a natural hormone that helps support sleep.

Common Causes of Summer Insomnia

It’s no secret that the seasons have a part to play in how well many of us sleep. In fact, studies have shown how seasonal variations affect how well we sleep. There has to be a way to circumvent some of these summer sleep problems, though, right? Fortunately, there are plenty of small adjustments you can make to get a good night’s sleep during the peak summer season. The important thing to know, however, is what is triggering your summer insomnia in the first place. 

Some of the most common causes of summer insomnia include:

  • Extended daylight exposure that delays melatonin production
  • Heightened stress levels
  • Eating later in the night or drinking more alcohol
  • Staying too warm (time to turn the air down!)
  • Blue light exposure from increased screen time (phones, tv, computers, etc.)

Simple adjustments to these activities can go a long way to help with how to beat summer insomnia. We’ll explore how:

Ways to Beat Summer Insomnia

Between higher temperatures, longer daylight hours, and summer socializing getting in the way of a good night’s sleep, you may think learning how to beat summer insomnia is fighting a losing battle. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, with a few simple lifestyle adjustments, you can beat those summer sleep problems and wake up ready to take on each beautiful day.

Some of the easiest ways to beat summer insomnia include:

  • Keep a consistent sleep/wake schedule
  • Decrease your exposure to sunlight later in the day
  • Find ways to relax and unwind
  • Lower the temperature of your bedroom
  • Get in some exercise
  • Power down electronics before bed

Consistent Summer Sleep/Wake Cycles

First up on our list of methods for how to beat summer insomnia is keeping a consistent sleep/wake cycle. We are creatures of habit, meaning our bodies like to keep a similar routine each day. Pick a target time to go to sleep and wake up each day to see the huge difference it can make!

Furthermore, keeping a consistent sleep/wake cycle also lets our bodies prepare for sleep more easily while staying asleep throughout the night. When you awaken, you’re more likely to feel well-rested and ready to take on each day.

Decrease Sunlight Exposure in the Evening

The next entry on our list of methods for how to beat summer insomnia may surprise you. After all, sunlight is good for you, right? It is—just maybe not at all hours of the night! In contrast to a popular way to beat the winter blues with light exposure treatments, cutting down on your sunlight exposure during the summer may help with summer sleep problems.

This can be easily achieved by keeping the curtains drawn or blinds closed starting in the late afternoon. Not only could this help against summer insomnia, but it may help keep your air conditioning bill down a little, too! Regulating the hours of sunlight you’re exposed to can help the body maintain a regular melatonin production schedule.

Find Ways to Relax and Unwind

One of the best ways to treat summer insomnia symptoms (and sleep issues at any time of year) is to create a relaxing night time routine to help your body and mind unwind before bed. After a long day of work, keeping the house clean, being active, socializing with friends, and everything else that populates our schedules, it’s important to know how to relax and recharge.

There are a number of easy tasks to make up any evening routine. Taking a hot shower, for instance, helps prepare your internal body temperature for optimal sleep preparation. You could also relax in a luxury zero gravity chair to unwind while it potentially helps enhance how the body heals itself and improves mental health!

Additional bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners can have a major impact on your ability to beat summer insomnia, as well. Massage zero gravity chairs keep muscles loose and deepen your relaxation as you prepare to go to sleep. Heated zero gravity chairs are also ideal for helping the mind and body prepare for better quality sleep all the while helping speed up recovery time from daily wear and tear.

Lower Your Bedroom Temperature

When the outside temperatures rise, summer insomnia problems can creep in. While we may love the warm summer days to get outside for sports, boating on the lake, picnics, and other exciting outdoor activities, the warmer evenings may be what’s keeping you awake at night. The easiest solution for these summer sleep problems: lower your bedroom temperature.

Experts agree that 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal room temperature for sleeping. While that may sound cold to some, it’s actually the perfect temperature to maintain your core temp for sleeping through the night. If you’re unable to keep it quite so cool, consider other options like cooling blankets, ceiling fans, or cooling pillows that will help you get a better night’s rest during the warm summer nights.

Get Some Exercise

While it may sound counterintuitive, staying active can actually be a great way to help beat summer insomnia! On top of the general health benefits of being active at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, starting your day off with some stretches and exercises can be a great way to get your body into a routine.

If you’re more of an evening exercise fan, make sure you’re doing your workout early enough to still unwind before bed. In fact, there are even chair yoga exercises or other full body workout exercises you can do from the comfort of the zero gravity chair you’re using as part of your night time routine! They’re perfect for just about everything, aren’t they?

Regardless of when you decide to exercise, make sure you adopt a proper post workout recovery routine to help the body recover faster and keep yourself in top condition.

Power Down Electronics at Night

Last, but not least, on our list of methods for how to beat summer insomnia is to power down those electronics at night. The increased exposure to blue light from our phones, laptops, and televisions can have a negative impact on the body’s natural circadian rhythm. This means binge watching the next season of your favorite show could be the cause of those summer sleep problems!

Instead of watching tv or looking at your phone right up until bed, power down those electronics at least a full hour before you go to sleep. Consider switching to other activities like journaling, listening to calming music, or reading a physical book to help your mind and body prepare for a better night’s sleep.

As you have learned, summer insomnia affects millions of people each year. While we love the fun in the sun, learning how to beat summer insomnia can help you get better sleep at night! Identifying what is triggering your summer sleep problems is the first step to fixing the issues. From there, simple adjustments like limiting evening screen time or choosing a zero gravity chair for your mental and physical relaxation can make a world of difference. Give these tips a shot and see what works best for you!

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