Gift Guide for Grandparents - Holiday, or Not!

girl and mom giving a gift to grandma

As the holidays approach, you’re probably starting to think about gift ideas for grandparents. It doesn’t have to be for the holidays, though! Some of the most special gifts we can give are just because we were thinking about another person and want to make them happy.

Sometimes, though, grandparents can be the hardest ones to shop for! How do you choose what gift to buy for someone who has everything? Well have no fear because we’ve got your inspiration right here with our gift guide for grandparents - holiday, or not!

8 Gift Ideas for Grandparents

You might be wondering “what are good gift ideas for grandparents?” Our grandparent gift guide has something for everyone. We’re taking a look at:

  • Herb garden for culinary memories
  • Zero gravity recliners for comfort, luxury, and health benefits
  • Personalized photo books as treasures keepsakes
  • Luxury candles to create a calm vibe
  • A life journal for recording family history and reliving memories
  • Single-cup coffee makers for the coffee-loving grandparent
  • An e-reader to give grandparents the gift of a virtual library
  • Subscription box ideas for monthly surprises

Gift Idea 1: Herb Garden for Making Meals and Memories

An herb garden is the perfect gift for grandparents who love to cook and entertain! Fresh ingredients make those family recipes taste amazing. As an added bonus, this gift gift for grandma and grandpa can turn into making memories with the grandkids! Quality time cooking in the kitchen together is a special way to connect with one another. Plus it’s a great opportunity to pass down family recipes to younger generations that will bring those memories back in years to come.

Gift Idea 2: Zero Gravity Recliner for Comfort and Good Health

Next in our gift guide for grandparents is a zero gravity chair! Growing enormously popular in recent years, the zero gravity chair is a fantastic alternative to a traditional recliner. Grandparents will love creating a place in the home for a zero gravity chair because they’re comfortable as daily recliners and provide major health benefits!

Zero gravity recliners reduce lower back pain through spinal decompression and alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve system and pelvic area. They improve blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients more efficiently throughout the body, helping it heal faster. Better blood circulation reduces blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. You’ll rest easy knowing your gift for grandpa and grandma brings them joy and takes care of their health.

The best zero gravity recliners not only provide the health benefits of zero gravity position but also have luxury features such as massage, heat therapy functions, and smart wake up programs! Honestly, this is one gift you might visit the grandparents more often just to use yourself!

In addition to relaxing there are many uses and benefits of zero gravity chairs for older adults. You can create a reading nook with your chair, use it as an alternative to a traditional bed to relieve back pain, or even integrate it into a daily fitness routine for grandparents looking to stay physically active!

Gift Idea 3: Personalized Photo Book or Album

A personalized photo book or album takes the next spot in our gift guide for grandparents. Holiday or not, giving grandparents a special book of special memories like this is sure to make their day. You can use a traditional photo album choosing special pictures from family trips, special occasions, and moments together or consider other creative alternatives!

There are a number of companies providing alternatives to traditional photo albums. Some, like Shutterfly and Snapfish, offer ways to create custom photo books for grandma and grandpa to keep! These unique photo album alternatives make the perfect keepsake and can be passed down for generations to come as part of the family history.

Gift Idea 4: Luxury Candles with Calming Scents

Luxury candles with calming scents always make great gifts for grandparents. They can use them to create a zen space in the home or make the whole house smell of their favorite scent.

When choosing a candle gift for grandma and grandpa, think about what they enjoy or a scent that may bring back a fond memory. Choosing a personalized scent makes this gift for grandparents even more special.

Special candles can truly alter the entire feel of a room. If you’re looking for ways to help grandparents relax, calming scents like lavender and eucalyptus are beneficial. They can relax in that zero gravity chair you got them and alleviate the stress of the day while meditating, read their favorite book, or listen to music!

Gift Idea 5: A Journal for Recording Their Life Story

Next in our gift guide for grandparents is something you may not have considered before: a journal for recording memories and life stories! Journaling isn’t just for younger adults or kids. Giving grandparents the gift of a life journal is a wonderful way for them to write down their memories, experiences, and relive those happy moments.

There are proven health benefits of journaling including lower blood pressure, better attitude, improved memory, and effectiveness against cognitive decline. More than just the health benefits, however, giving a journal as a gift for grandparents to record their stories can serve as a method to pass down in the family from generation to generation. It’s a wonderfully personal way to connect with family history.

Gift Idea 6: Single-Cup Coffee Makers: A Grandparent Gift Guide Must-Have!

Less sentimental but incredibly useful as the ideal gift for grandparents is a coffee maker! For the grandparents who love to relax and enjoy their morning cup of coffee as they rise to take on the day, this item in our gift guide for grandparents is sure to please.

Single cup coffee and espresso drink makers such as a Keurig or Nespresso machine allow everyone to have their favorite each morning! Also, it cuts down on time and waste making it perfect for grandparents on the go. Single cup machines are ready to brew in seconds and able to be enjoyed right away. This is especially great if the grandparents need that afternoon boost to keep up with the grandkids!

Gift Idea 7: An E-Reader for Grandma or Grandpa

Who doesn’t love to sit back and dive into a good book? Next in our gift guide for grandparents is the very popular e-reader! Giving an e-reader as a gift for grandpa or grandma lets them have an endless library right in their hand. Popular e-readers include the Amazon Kindle and Kobo Clara HD.

An e-reader is perfect for converting a corner of the living room into a reading nook or even creating a home library space. If they’ve got a comfy seat like a loveseat or zero gravity recliner, the grandkids can curl up with them for a bedtime story!

Gift Idea 8: Monthly Subscription Box: A Grandparent Gift That Keeps Giving

Last, but certainly not least, in our gift guide for grandparents is a monthly subscription box membership. These have become extremely popular in recent years with endless options exploding onto the scene. There’s a membership box for everyone!

Some of our favorite ideas for subscription boxes for grandparents are:

Winc: A modern wine club for grandparents who enjoy their vino!

Snack Crate: A monthly subscription box that delivers goodies from around the world.

BookCase: Grandparents’ favorite books delivered right to their door.

GrandBox: Care packages, personalized gifts, and products that will put a smile on their faces!

Holidays aren’t the only time to give gifts. Sometimes the best ones are given just because! We hope our gift guide for grandparents has inspired you for the upcoming holiday season and beyond. Whether you’re choosing the best zero gravity chair to bring comfort and good health or picking a subscription box to bring monthly surprises, we know the grandparents will be thrilled!

Our gift guide for grandparents showed the health benefits of zero gravity chairs for grandma and grandpa but it’s not just perfect for them. Check out the benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages!