7 Zero Gravity Chair Benefits for Older Adults

older adults staying active

The importance of self-care activities for older adults is crucial to maintaining long-term health. As the average lifespan continues to increase, taking care of your body can help present debilitating illness or injuries that reduce quality of life. Using a zero gravity chair benefits the body both physically and mentally keeping you active and healthy. We’re taking a look at 7 zero gravity chair benefits for older adults to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Zero Gravity Back Pain Relief in Older Adults

Lower back pain and sciatica symptoms are two of the most common disabling health ailments found in adults 60 and over. Left untreated, lower back pain can become chronic, permanently reducing mobility and increasing overall stress on the body. Pain can lead to sleep deprivation, higher blood pressure, and be a contributing factor for degenerative cognitive function.

One of the prime health benefits of zero gravity chairs is the zero gravity position itself and its effect on the spine. Developed by NASA after observing neutral body positioning astronauts experience in space, zero gravity position reduces stress points on the body by evenly distributing weight. In this position, the legs are elevated above the heart level and pressure is reduced on the spine and pelvic regions.

Reducing the pressure on the lower back allows for spinal decompression and unclenching of the sciatic nerve, relieving lower back pain in older adults. This spinal decompression works to allow faster healing for body tissue and the rehydration discs. Losing moisture in spinal discs makes them less effective at absorbing shock and is a common underlying cause of lower back pain in older adults.

It’s important to consider the features of your recliner when considering the best zero gravity chair to reduce your back pain

Zero Gravity Position Reduces Risk of Heart Failure

Using a zero gravity chair benefits heart health in older adults, too. In zero gravity position, blood flows more efficiently through the body, reducing pressure on the heart. This helps combat common health issues like high blood pressure and improve feeling in extremities.

High blood pressure can lead to the weakening of the heart muscle and the buildup of plaque known as atherosclerosis. Over time this buildup can lead to heart failure. Zero gravity recliners work against these effects and help to reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack in older adults.

Full Body Benefits of Better Circulation in Zero Gravity Chairs

Improved circulation in older adults does more than protect heart health. Better circulation means more oxygen and nutrients are being transported throughout the body to muscles and tissue. This helps the body heal from injuries more quickly and helps prevent future injuries from happening. It also positively affects the respiratory system, improving lung functionality and easing potential breathing issues.

Zero gravity recliners can increase circulation through neutral body position as well as luxury features such as massage and heat therapy. These extra features further enhance your experience and take care of your entire body. The health benefits of zero gravity chairs integrated into your daily fitness routine are invaluable.

Zero Gravity Posture Exercises for Older Adults

You’ve likely heard your entire life to sit up straight and maintain good posture, but did you know how essential it is to the health of older adults? The short-term effects of poor posture may include headaches, lower back pain, or neck stiffness but the long-term effects can be far more severe.

Long-term effects of poor posture in older adults have led to 20-40% suffering from abnormal spinal curvature known as hyperkyphosis posture. This abnormal spinal curvature negatively impacts respiratory function and can prevent you from performing everyday activities. Studies have even shown that hyperkyphosis can be a predicting factor in increased risk of death among older women.

The best zero gravity chair will have features that support the lumbar region and help improve posture by realigning the spine into its natural curvature. There are also a number of activities you can combine with the zero gravity recliner to increase posture from the comfort of your chair.

Better Sleep Position for Older Adults in Zero Gravity Recliner

Sleep is essential to mental and physical health at every age, but it’s especially important for older adults. As we age, sleep deprivation can more drastically impact reflexes, affect sensory processing, and contribute to increased memory loss including dementia.

Using a zero gravity chair benefits sleep quality in multiple ways. The zero gravity position reduces bodily stress, allowing you to reach deeper relaxation. The slight elevation of the upper body works to alleviate potential obstruction to airways which cause sleep apnea. Uninterrupted, better sleep allows the body to reach a deeper REM cycle. Better sleep quality leads to better mental health and waking up with more energy. 

Can Be Easily Used to Integrate Simple Exercises

The health benefits of zero gravity chairs aren’t all passive. Another benefit of your zero gravity recliner is the ability to use it to integrate simple exercises into your daily fitness routine. These exercises can be adjusted to fit your abilities and keep you active.

Daily activity is highly recommended for people of all ages, but especially older adults to maintain physical and mental health. Not only does exercise improve balance and strengthen muscles, it releases endorphins that elevate your mood and sees to your mental wellbeing. Your activities don’t have to be overly strenuous. It has been shown that older adults can obtain major health benefits with even a moderate amount of daily physical activity.

Meditation for Stress Management in Older Adults

Stress management for older adults is important. It works to improve mental health levels as well as reduce physical health risks like stroke and heart attack from elevated blood pressure. Zero gravity position meditation is an excellent way to spend a little time each day taking care of your mental needs. Meditation can be anything from a guided meditation to simply sitting in silence and being present in the moment. Practicing meditation for even a few minutes each day has been shown to be effective stress management for older adults and people of all ages.

Zero gravity chair benefits for older adults improve both mental and physical health. From self-care activities on how to reduce back pain to moments of silent meditation aimed at reducing stress levels, the health benefits of zero gravity chairs are numerous. Choose a zero gravity recliner to fit your needs and lifestyle so you can live a long, healthy life!

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