Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers & Athletes in Your Life

male and female fitness enthusiasts running

Finding yourself at a loss for ideas on gifts for fitness enthusiasts in your life? Looking for ideas to give to others for items that you want yourself? We’ve got you covered!

We’re taking the guessing out of choosing gifts for the hard to buy for with our gift guide for fitness lovers & athletes in your life. 

8 Gifts Ideas for Fitness Lovers

Giving thoughtful gifts to others can be immensely fulfilling but sometimes you’re stuck thinking of that right gift for people who are hard to buy for. In this gift guide for fitness lovers and athletes we’re taking a look at:

  • Performance enhancing athletic shoes
  • Wearable fitness tech
  • Workout recovery portable massage tool
  • Zero gravity chairs for comfort and full-body health benefits
  • Yoga mats for low-impact exercises
  • Headphones to help get in the zone
  • Adjustable dumbbells to make any space a home gym
  • Water bottles to stay hydrated

Gift Idea 1: Performance Boosting Shoes

Choosing the right shoe for exercise and other physical activities can make a huge difference in safety and performance. Today, the options are endless and there’s a shoe aimed at every kind of activity from running to basketball to gym workouts.

There are even high tech shoes on the market! High tech running shoes like Under Armour’s UA HOVR line connect to the UA MapMyRun mobile app to analyze your running metrics to help make you a better runner.

Gift Idea 2: Wearable Fitness Tech for Health Monitoring

Speaking of wearable fitness tech, next in our gift guide for fitness lovers is high tech watches and performance monitors. These activity monitors have exploded on the market over the past decade! Today they’re able to track heart rate, exercise, weight, sleep habits, and everything in between.

Some of the best known options for wearable tech gifts for fitness lovers are the Apple Watch, trackers and smartwatches from Fitbit, and the Motiv ring (for those who want a more discreet piece of jewelry as opposed to something on their wrist).

Gift Idea 3: Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Tool

Sometimes the perfect gift for fitness lovers has more to do with warm-up and recovery. It’s important to take care of the body before and after physical activity to reduce the risk of injury and help the body recover from being pushed.

This is where fitness gifts like the Hyperice Hypervolt come to the rescue! This product seeks to give athletes and fitness enthusiasts a mobile massage tool to keep the body in optimal shape during warm-up and cool down periods. It’s designed to have interchangeable head attachments and speeds to meet your needs and even has built-in pressure technology for visual feedback during the massage.

Massage definitely helps keep muscles loose, blood flowing, and the body healing. This importance for looking after the entire body brings us to the next item on our list!

Gift Idea 4: Zero Gravity Chairs for Athletes and Fitness Lovers

Where small massage devices are great for their portability, the next item on our gift guide for fitness lovers and athletes in your life takes care of the entire body and mind from the comfort of home.

The health benefits of zero gravity chairs for athletes and fitness lovers extend beyond localized areas of the body. You can use a zero gravity chair for lower back pain relief, faster bodily healing, improved blood circulation, stress management, and better sleep quality! Some models even offer extra features like massage and heat therapy, stepping up the game from portable massage tools.

Reclining in a zero gravity chair puts the legs above the heart level. This position, called zero gravity position, is the heart of the health benefits of zero gravity chairs. They also make for the perfect zen space for meditation to take care of the mind.

The overall health benefit of using a zero gravity chair makes them the most versatile item in our gift guide for fitness lovers. They’re sure to integrate a zero gravity recliner into their daily fitness routine as soon as they experience it!

Gift Idea 5: Yoga Mat for Low-Impact Exercises

While a little more low tech than some of the items on our list, yoga mats are endlessly useful and appreciated by fitness enthusiasts! Everyone can benefit from the added flexibility, mobility, and calming qualities of low-impact exercises like yoga and tai-chi. Having a quality yoga mat can also serve as a portable workout mat for those who want to take their exercises outdoors! 

Gift Idea 6: Bluetooth Headphones for Working Out

Whether it’s at the gym or going for a run, getting into the zone and avoiding distractions leads to better workouts. Having a great set of bluetooth headphones is perfect for blocking out noise and piping in that perfect playlist that gets you going!

Some favorites of our’s include the Apple Airpods, Beats Powerbeats, and the Bose Sport headphones and earbuds (which are sweat and water resistant). 

Gift Idea 7: Adjustable Dumbbell Set for Home Workouts

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic exercise options have likely been limited to home for a while. This makes adding adjustable dumbbell sets to our gift guide for fitness lovers a no brainer! Adjustable dumbbell sets allow fitness lovers to workout from the comfort of home and stay safe while doing so. Today’s adjustable dumbbells offer quick and easy weight changes, enhanced grips, and convenient storage capability.

These sets are great at all times, not just for working out during COVID-19, providing great value and versatility to any fitness routine.

Gift Idea 8: Water Bottles to Stay Hydrated

Athletes and physically active people know staying hydrated is absolutely essential! Last (not certainly not least!) on our gift guide for fitness lovers is a water bottle! We don’t mean just any water bottle. Choosing the best water bottle for athletes takes into consideration the volume it holds, keeping water cool, durability, and sustainability.

Some of the most well-known best water bottles for athletes include the Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth, Hydro Flask, Contigo Autoseal Chill, and the CamelBak Eddy.

We love giving gifts related to fitness but sometimes you can feel stuck on ideas. We hope our gift guide for fitness lovers and athletes in your life has given you the inspiration you needed to pick the perfect item! From athletic shoes to boost performance to choosing a zero gravity chair that safeguards the entire body, whatever you choose is sure to be appreciated and enjoyed.

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