Are Recliners Good for Your Back? (Spoiler: They Are!)

zero gravity chair as a good recliner for your back

Back pain is one of the most common health ailments, afflicting millions of people every year. It’s so common, in fact, that an estimated 8 out of 10 adults will experience it at some point in their lifetime! Acute back pain is temporary but left unchecked, it can turn into chronic back pain and have more lasting consequences.

So then what’s a good way to treat back pain? Did you think it would be by using a recliner? Well it is! Not all recliners are created the same, however. The most effective ones on the market for your back health are zero gravity chairs.

Today we’re diving in to the question “are recliners good for your back?” to give you a full understanding of how modern recliners, like zero gravity chairs, protect your back health in a variety of ways.

How are recliners good for your back?

As we mentioned, not all recliners are created equally. If so, then how do you know which recliner is good for your back?

In the debate between zero gravity chairs vs traditional recliners, the way zero gravity chairs affect your body makes a huge difference. Some of the ways zero gravity recliners are good for your back include:

  • Reducing pressure on your back and pelvic region
  • Enhancing spinal decompression
  • Rehydrating discs along the spinal column
  • Helping spinal tissue heal faster
  • Adding support for the lower back resulting in good posture

Reducing Pressure on the Back in the Zero Gravity Recliners

Finding a good recliner for back problems starts with determining how your recliner could reduce pressure on your back and pelvic region. In traditional recliners, the sitting position actually adds pressure to this area, which can result in lower back pain and sciatica problems.

So then how are recliners good for your back if regular ones are adding pressure? Cue the zero gravity chair! Reclining in the zero gravity position elevates the legs over the heart level. This drastically reduces pressure on the spine by evenly distributing weight along the body.

Traditional recliners just don’t recline far enough back to provide the same health benefits of zero gravity chairs. Using zero gravity chairs for sciatica or chronic back pain relief is more effective by design. As an added benefit, the zero gravity position simultaneously improves circulation which works as a natural way to reduce blood pressure and helps reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Spinal Decompression at Home in a Recliner

Taking care of your back is a key element of protecting your overall health. Spinal decompression is another way recliners are good for your back! Traditional recliners won’t be much help in this area, once again falling short. Using zero gravity chairs for spinal decompression at home, however, is highly effective.

But what is spinal decompression, anyway? Spinal decompression is the gentle stretching of the spine to counteract the natural effects of gravity and the negative impacts of our daily activities. It helps alleviate lower back pain and facilitate faster spinal healing.

Using a zero gravity chair for spinal decompression just 20 minutes each day can result in the same healing that occurs in 8 to 10 hours of sleep! Some models make the experience even better by providing zero gravity massage benefits and heat therapy functions you can use to deepen your relaxation!

Rehydrate Spinal Discs Using a Recliner

The next stop on our journey to answer “are recliners good for your back?” is looking at spinal disc rehydration. Going hand-in-hand with spinal decompression is using a zero gravity recliner for rehydrating discs in the spinal column. These discs support your spine in its elongated state and prevent pain caused by compression and reduced range of motion.

In the zero gravity position, discs can rehydrate more easily as the pressure is drastically reduced and they are able to expand once more. With daily use of a zero gravity recliner you can keep your flexibility high and avoid stiffness and back pain.

Heal Soft Tissue Damage Faster in Zero Gravity Recliners

Not only do your spinal discs need to rehydrate but the tissue in your spinal column needs time to heal, as well. Falling short, yet again, traditional recliners don’t provide adequate health benefits to promote tissue healing.

In zero gravity position, oxygen and nutrients are delivered more efficiently to your tissues. This can help treat muscle strain at home, a common soft tissue injury affecting muscles and tendons. The design of the zero gravity chair enhances tissue healing, allowing your body to heal faster than in the more upright position found in traditional recliners.

Lower Back Support While Sitting in a Recliner

As in any chair, lower back support is essential in recliners, too. This is a category traditional recliners can sort of compete in, but lose out still when the other back health benefits of zero gravity chairs are added to the comparison.

Lower back support, also known as lumbar support, is essential for improving posture to keep your spine in its natural “S”-shaped curve. Most people immediately think of a lumbar support pillow. While those can be an added benefit, the base of spinal support comes from the recliner itself.

While you may think sinking deep into a recliner is the way to go, it’s not providing the support your back needs to stay healthy. This results in poor posture, like a hunched back, that can turn into back pain very quickly. Not exactly great for protecting back health, now is it?

Instead, you want a comfortable recliner that still provides enough support for you to sit in without sinking. A good test for this is simple: can you easily get in and out of your recliner? Top quality zero gravity recliners make this process easy. When you’re finished reclining simply return to the upright position and the support from your chair makes it easy to get out of with no struggle.

So are recliners good for your back? Of course they are! Well, as long as you’re using the right ones. If you’re still wondering, “should I get a zero gravity chair or recliner?” the choice is easy. Zero gravity chairs are the clear winners that are good for your back, healing injuries and preventing new ones.

Choose a zero gravity chair to fit your lifestyle and to be proactive in protecting your back or as a good recliner for back pain that already exists. You’ll feel the difference and wonder how you lived without one for so long.

Now that you know how recliners are good for your back, which do you choose? Check out our guide to discover what are the best zero gravity chairs for back pain!