Valentine's Day Gift Guide for That Someone Special!


couple giving the perfect valentine's day gifts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner once again! A day to celebrate love in all its forms. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in swing, this year’s Valentine’s Day may look a little different for you and your partner.

So instead of the usual overpriced flowers (seriously, have you seen the prices of roses on February 15th? Half the price as the day before!) and night on the town, we’re putting together the perfect Valentine’s Day gift guide for those staying home. 

7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re having a little trouble coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea this year, have no fear! We’re here to help. We’ve gathered our favorite mix of gifts and shared experiences to give you our 2021 Valentine’s Day gift guide that is sure to make your day memorable:

  • Bluetooth headphone sleep mask to get better sleep quality
  • Zero gravity chairs for relaxing and improving mental and physical health
  • Subscription date night boxes for a fun evening of shared activities
  • High quality candles to engage the senses and set the vibe
  • Fondue for two as part of a Valentine’s Day picnic
  • Home spa treatments for pampering and self care as a couple
  • Learning a dance together with an online dance class

Valentine’s Gift Idea #1: Bluetooth Headphone Sleep Mask

Kicking off our Valentine’s Day gift guide we’re talking about bluetooth headphone sleep masks! Whether you or your partner toss and turn at night or if you just want something to let you listen to calming music and sound options while winding down for sleep, these awesome sleep masks are perfect for the job.

Some of our favorite ways to unwind before bed are listening to natural sounds or guided meditation routines through apps like Calm. They work so well, this may be one Valentine’s Day gift you end up buying for yourself, as well!

Valentine’s Gift Idea #2: Zero Gravity Chairs to Pamper You and Your Partner

No, you don’t have to go to space for the next item on our Valentine’s Day gift guide, but it will make a difference that’s out of this world! Zero gravity chairs make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone special in your life. Not only are they immensely comfortable, but they also provide key health benefits like lower back pain relief, improving heart health naturally through better blood circulation, faster bodily healing, and better sleep quality! Do you know any other recliners that can provide all that?

Some of the highest quality zero gravity chairs also have additional features like heat therapy and body massage functions. Everyone loves a massage on Valentine’s Day! These versatile chairs fit into daily exercise routines as the ideal gifts for fitness lovers, pair with a relaxing night time routine to wind down before bed, and suit any lifestyle you lead.

There are lots of places in your home for a zero gravity chair. The most obvious is in a main living space, but you could also add one as part of a bedroom makeover idea, create a reading nook in a cozy corner, or even start incorporating zero gravity chair into your  home office setup.

A zero gravity chair is really the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for both of you this year! 

Valentine’s Gift Idea #3: At Home Valentine’s Day Date Night Box

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift is a shared experience. More than an item, a shared experience creates a memory and helps you spend more time together on the most romantic day of the year. This year no Valentine’s Day gift guide would be complete without suggesting at-home date night boxes!

There are lots of date night subscription boxes to fit every couple out there. Some even come with recommended meals or snacks to share together while you enjoy your activity!

Feeling crafty and want to build something together? Adults & Crafts sends you everything you need to build or decorate an item for your home. DateBox Club is another at-home date idea for Valentine’s Day this year that creates a series of low-effort activities focused on spending quality time together. A typical box from them includes easy meal creation and a game or activity meant to bring you and your partner closer together. Finally, if you’re looking for a mystery puzzle-solving date idea for Valentine’s Day, Escape The Crate sends you an escape room style experience where you and your partner solve clues, puzzles, and ciphers to complete your mission!

Valentine’s Gift Idea #4: High Quality Candles to Engage the Senses

Another addition to our Valentine's Day gift guide is a high-quality scented candle. A candle isn’t a thoughtless gift, it’s about creating a vibe and engaging the senses. Candles make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts to enjoy together or for your partner to enjoy alone.

Wanting to create a romantic atmosphere for your at home Valentine’s Day date? Light scents like vanilla or citrus might be your go-to. Deeper scents like sandalwood and amber are also amazing for changing the entire vibe in a room and increasing an intimate Valentine’s Day vibe together. Candles also make the perfect pairing during relaxing bubble baths and other self care pampering activities!

Valentine’s Gift Idea #5: Fondue for Two

As we said, this year think outside the box for your Valentine’s Day date ideas and consider shared experiences. Fondue for two is a cute way to share a meal in this Valentine’s Day gift guide!

Fondue is fun and easy to prepare together, making it a stress-free activity to share. There are different types of fondue, too, whether you’re looking to make it part of a main meal or simply dessert. Take this Valentine’s Day date idea a step further and create an entire picnic in your living room or outside for a special experience different from any other day!

Valentine’s Gift Idea #6: Self Care with Home Spa Treatments

We can’t make a Valentine’s Day gift guide without talking about pampering yourself and your partner! This year, you could spend Valentine’s Day together at home with a variety of massage oils, a foot spa, and facial masks. Skin care isn’t just for the ladies! This is a great activity for a couple to slow down, enjoy one another’s company, and take time to really indulge in self care activities.

You can enjoy these home spa treatments from the comfort of your home while you relax in a zero gravity chair, sit in a bubble bath, or anywhere else you find calming!  Not only will you feel better physically, but your mood will improve, too. Self care is sexy!

Valentine’s Gift Idea #7: Learn a Dance Together With an Online Dance Class

Sharing a meal or completing a date night subscription box aren’t the only experiences you can have together. Rounding out our Valentine’s Day gift guide is taking an online dance class! You can find lots of dance studios and professionals offering online classes to teach you and your partner a romantic dance this Valentine’s Day. Take on the traditional waltz or spice things up with some salsa dancing!

Enjoying a dance class together is a perfect Valentine’s Day date idea that you can return to in the future to rekindle a romantic vibe.

We hope our Valentine’s Day gift guide has inspired you this year! As options for going out are limited right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we looked for ways to think outside the box for the perfect gift they’ll love. Whether it’s a date night subscription box or choosing a zero gravity chair your partner will love, making Valentine’s Day personal is key to its success!

While zero gravity chairs make excellent gifts for you and your partner, they’re also perfect for the whole family! Check out the benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages