How Quarantine Work From Home Setups Have Changed in 2020

woman working in home office during quarantine

While the number of employees working from home has grown steadily in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly made work-from-home positions the new normal for millions at once. The growing pains of such a paradigm shift have come to light very quickly and people are adapting the best they can to their new circumstances.

As we all face new challenges, we look for new, innovative ways to meet our needs and maintain the highest levels of productivity. Let’s take a look at how quarantine work from home setups have changed in 2020.

Maximizing Home Office Space

As working from home has become the new normal for many for the foreseeable future, home offices are no longer temporary, makeshift workspaces. What may have started as a place for “work from home Fridays” or a slight vacation from going into the office is now a daily full-time home office space.

This semi-permanent (or fully permanent, as some employers look to make lasting operational changes) shift of working from home during quarantine has highlighted the need to maximize home office space for optimal productivity. Productivity starts with organization. Organizing a home office space can be as easy as adding filing cabinets, getting a new desk with adequate storage, or simply adopting a workflow system that streamlines your processes.

Regardless of what organization means for your job, maximizing home office space during your quarantine work from home period will increase productivity while minimizing unnecessary stress caused by chaos and disorganization.

Creating a Quiet Quarantine Work From Home Space

In addition to working from home during quarantine highlighting the need for organizing a home office space, it’s made the need for a quiet space abundantly clear, as well. Creating a quiet home office space helps you focus and stay productive.

For some, having peace and quiet in the house comes more easily as they may not have kids or partners making noise. For others, quarantine working from home has to compete with new distance learning for kids in school, that neighborhood construction you weren’t acutely aware of until now, or any number of other intrusive noises that interrupt your workflow.

If you can’t create a fully separate home office space during your quarantine work from home adjustment, consider pairing your new office setup with noise-cancelling headphones. They can come in handy during your 100th Zoom meeting of the month or for playing some relaxing music in the background while you work (if that gets you in the zone)! 

Creating a Functional Quarantine Home Office Space

All the space in the world for your quarantine work from home office is useless if you don’t have the right items you need to be productive. The sudden shift from temporary home office to daily office space has brought to light the shortcomings of many previous setups.

Choosing the right desk, for example, is about more than simple storage. It’s not just a place to put your laptop or desktop computer. When choosing a desk for your quarantine home office, make sure it’s the right size for you, as well. This means making sure it’s tall enough to prevent you from feeling as if you’re sitting on the floor to work. You may also want to consider an adjustable standing desk to prevent pain from sitting too long.

In addition to an adjustable standing desk, you should also consider the right chair for your home office setup. Since you’ll be spending most of your day in it while working, consider getting a zero gravity chair instead of a traditional office chair.

More than just being comfortable, the health benefits of zero gravity chairs are invaluable. You can work upright and enjoy features like massage and heat therapy functions while you work then recline in the zero gravity position during short breaks to alleviate lower back pain with spinal decompression. Some zero gravity chairs even come with smart wakeup programs, which will come in handy if you’re ever a little too comfortable during that break!

There are a number of other items to pair with a zero gravity chair and desk setup to create an ergonomic home office during quarantine. These range from blue light blocking glasses to laptop holders that don’t put your wrists at awkward angles. Whatever your quarantine work from home office setup, the most important thing is to make sure it works for you.

Integrating Self-Care Routines in a Home Office Setup

The last way we’re examining how quarantine work from home setups have changed in 2020 is the necessity of self-care integration. While self-care routines have always been essential, these have become particularly obvious as people are spending both work and personal time at their homes during the pandemic. Creating daily self-care routines help you stay healthy and focused.

One very simple method for taking care of mental health during quarantine work from home periods is having that designated home office space separate from the rest of your living areas. While we know it’s not always feasible for everyone, being able to shut that space off from the rest of your day does wonders for maintaining a work-life balance.

A way to integrate self-care routines into your home office space is having a small open corner for simple exercise breaks during the day. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Even walking around for a few minutes each hour to break up long periods of sitting will do wonders for your body. If you’re short on space, there are many activities you can do in a zero gravity chair to help maintain your mental and physical health during short breaks right at your desk!

Learning other ways to implement self care at home during quarantine throughout your day is more important now than ever before. Be sure to take even a few moments each day to look after yourself. It’ll increase your productivity and happiness both at work and during personal time.

While working from home was an upward trend in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic made working from home the new normal for vast numbers of people at once and changed the needs of home office setups. Adjusting your quarantine work from home office to be your daily workspace is integral to productivity and focus. Getting the right equipment, choosing the best zero gravity chair in place of a traditional office chair, and creating a quiet space all ways that will greatly impact your daily work life. As you adjust, you’ll feel the improvement and may never want to go to the office again!

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