New Year Resolution Ideas to Improve Your Overall Health Naturally

man and woman jogging as new year resolution

As this year comes to a close it’s time to start getting your new year resolution ideas together! While this year has been exceptionally trying with the global pandemic, it’s also given rise to learning much about ourselves and looking after our personal health.

Did you find a home fitness routine you love during the pandemic? Are your clothes fitting a little tighter these days? It’s okay! No matter how each of us dealt with the stresses and events of this year, the new year offers the chance to start with a clean slate and refocus on our health and wellbeing. We’re here to help with new year resolution ideas to improve your overall health naturally!

New Year Resolution Ideas for Health and Happiness

Before you dive into new year resolution ideas for the new year, take some time to reflect on your journey this past year. What have you learned about your health? What are some good health habits you want to continue? Are there any bad health habits you want to change? To build ourselves up the best we can, we need to acknowledge both our achievements and shortfalls. You get a chance to feel great about what you made happen and take a look at areas where you can improve!

If this year has taught us anything it was the importance of our health. Some great new year resolution ideas to improve health naturally are:

  • Live a more active lifestyle
  • Develop a night time routine to help wind down get better sleep
  • Practice some stress relieving habits for better mental health
  • Start or maintain healthy eating habits
  • Drink more water to keep your body hydrated

Live a More Active Lifestyle

Staying active or leading a more active lifestyle will go far to improve your overall health naturally. While safety and caution are still encouraged while we navigate into the new year, there are a number of ways to stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic that you can do while maintaining social distancing recommendations.

One of the easiest things you can do to get up and out more often is to take a brisk walk a few times a week. If you don’t feel comfortable walking around your neighborhood just yet, make it a few laps around your yard instead. Anything to elevate your heart rate and get some cardio into your days is perfect.

If you love to work out, consider taking your workouts outdoors! There’s a strong noted correlation in spending at least two hours a week outside and naturally improved overall health. Fresh air, green space, and sunlight all help us to feel our best.

Develop a Night Time Ritual to Wind Down and Improve Sleep Quality

If you’re like many people, your evenings are filled with your favorite tv shows and movies! While there have been studies noting the association between increased screen time and depression among adults in the US, your screens also expose you to blue light. This blue light exposure disrupts your circadian rhythm, making it harder to sleep at night.

To combat this, consider adding a night time routine to your new year resolution ideas list. Starting a nightly routine a couple hours before a consistent bedtime will help your mind and body get into the habit of winding down for the night in preparation for sleep. Stopping screen time at least 30 minutes before you go to bed is helpful in relaxing your mind, but we recommend stopping earlier.

After turning off the screens, there are a number of self care activities you can do while relaxing. Comfort is key, so consider using a zero gravity chair in your night time routine. You can use a zero gravity chair for back pain and sciatica symptoms, to reduce blood pressure, and to improve your breathing. Deeper breaths lead to deeper relaxation and, ultimately, getting better sleep! Getting better sleep is a perfect new year resolution idea to improve your overall health naturally.

Practice Stress Relieving Self Care Activities for Mental Health

Next on our list of new year resolution ideas continues the discussion of practicing self care activities for stress management! Whether part of your night time ritual or simply a daily task at any point in the day, taking a few minutes for self care activities will improve your overall health naturally by alleviating stress, reducing blood pressure, and enhancing your mood. All of these also lead to better bodily healing, showing that your mind and body affect one another greatly.

While you’re relaxing in your zero gravity chair and kicking off a night time routine, consider listening to calming music, meditating, or journaling. Journaling is a great way to get the jumble of thoughts from the day out of your mind and help ease into better sleep. Meditating in a zero gravity chair is another method of looking out for your mental health. There are endless varieties of meditation so you’ll surely find one that works for you. 

Maintain or Start Healthy Eating Habits in the New Year

It seems everyone’s new year resolution ideas always include healthy eating habits. Too many of us fall off the wagon by February, though, and why is that? Healthy eating habits don’t have to be a chore! There are loads of good food choices you can make that are full of flavor, have variety, and improve your overall health naturally.

Eating right is about adopting a positive mentality towards food. Take the opportunity to learn how to cook healthy meals in ways you may have never known before! Once you make healthy eating habits part of your daily routine they become second nature and no longer feel like a conscious decision you have to make over and over. Making healthy eating choices is also a great way to improve heart health naturally. This is a new year resolution idea you’ll actually end up wanting to stick to forever!

Drink More Water to Keep Your Body Hydrated

Chances are you’re not drinking enough water. It is recommended that you drink between half an ounce and one ounce per pound of body weight each day! Water helps flush toxins from your body, keep your joints lubricated, and rehydrate your body tissue.

Consider drinking more water as one of your new year resolution ideas that can go along with self care. For example, if you’re using a zero gravity chair to alleviate back pain, think about how much more effective it can be at rehydrating spinal discs and tissue if you’re providing enough water for your system?

It’s even more important to rehydrate as part of your post workout recovery routine, in hot climates, or when you’re feeling sick. Since water helps flush your system and regulate your body temperature, drinking enough fluid is far more than just your mom’s advice. It’s science!

Start the upcoming year off on the right foot by exploring what new year resolution ideas you want to implement to improve your overall health naturally. Regardless of whether your end goals are a new weight milestone or practicing better mental health self care, these new year resolution ideas will result in a healthier mindset. Plan those brisk walks, make those healthier meal choices, or choose a zero gravity chair to enhance bodily healing while you meditate. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Even if you slip up, tomorrow is always another day!

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