Spring Clean Your Mental Health

woman journaling about spring mental health tips

Spring is all about new beginnings and a fresh start. Each year, we take time to clean out our homes and rid ourselves of unnecessary items we may have been clinging to that were simply clutter. But what about spring cleaning mental health, too?

Just like your home, your mental health can benefit from a fresh new start and perspective. We’re giving you our guide on how to spring clean mental health this season and start new habits that prioritize your well-being.

Try These to Spring Clean Mental Health

Decluttering your brain is just like cleaning out your home; it’s about a fresh new perspective and a clean slate. It’s easy to fall into a slump during the cold winter months where we start making less-healthy meal choices, drop off on our fitness routines, or find ourselves too preoccupied to make time for self-care activities. Taking time to spring clean mental health sets us up for a year of positivity and healthy habits.

Consider these mental health tips as part of a spring wellness challenge for yourself:

  • Start journaling daily
  • Complete a project or task
  • Create a relaxing home environment
  • Set aside time for yourself
  • Drop a bad habit
  • Try a new hobby

Start Journaling Daily

Journaling is an amazing way to spring clean mental health this year, keeping your thoughts focused and organized. It’s a malleable conduit you can use to focus on gratitude, write down worries, or simply keep a stream of consciousness for a creative outlet.

The University of Rochester Medical Center gives advice to maximize the benefits of journaling. They say to try and write each day, to write whenever you’re inspired to (so keep it close, or use your phone as needed for notes), to be open to any structure your journaling takes, and use it as you see fit.

Complete a Project or Task

Finishing a project or checking off tasks from a list is another way for you to spring clean mental health this season. The satisfaction you feel when you’ve completed a project or task isn’t vanity, it’s your mind becoming less cluttered. Unfinished tasks may lead to a mental energy deficit, which causes stress that is harmful to our overall well-being.

You don’t have to tackle every task or project at once. Instead, break them down into manageable lists and choose to tackle something each day to start. It can be as simple as making a doctor’s appointment to check off a task on your personal health and wellness checklist or going to the grocery store. Acknowledging the things you’ve completed is being kind to yourself and the perfect start to spring cleaning mental health.

Create a Relaxing Home Environment

Who said spring cleaning your home can’t coincide with spring cleaning mental health? Our environment has a direct impact on our mental well-being. Cluttered spaces can cause anxiety and feelings of being stressed, whereas a clean, comfortable space allows you to feel at ease.

On top of clearing out clutter, this season is the perfect time to refresh your home environment with places to sit and relax. Many people have turned to the versatility of luxury zero gravity chairs for their style, design, and the plethora of potential health benefits they provide to users of all ages.

Whether you’re adding a zero gravity chair to your main living space or a private bedroom getaway, they’re a great tool to help you spring clean mental health. Some of the ways zero gravity chairs improve mental health include:

  • Providing a place for stress management techniques like zero gravity meditation
  • Alleviating pain that causes mental stress and anxiety
  • Supporting the body properly, deepening relaxation

Some of the bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners such as heat therapy and massage functions also serve to create a relaxing environment. They enhance how the body heals itself, both mentally and physically, and can be exceptionally effective self-care routine additions to spring clean mental health.

Set Aside Time for Yourself

Next up on our list of spring mental health tips is setting aside time for yourself. It’s important to make time each day for an emotional wellness self check-in and to make time to do something of personal importance. Even a few minutes each day to acknowledge how you’re feeling and make a little time for something you enjoy can have a profound positive impact.

For example, as you start to spring clean mental health, make a commitment to yourself to read a chapter a day of your current favorite book, listen to music, or just sit down in silence and relax. You could also start morning or night routines to create time for yourself at the start and close of each day.

Drop a Bad Habit

One of the best ways to spring clean mental health and start healthy habits is to drop a bad one from the past. Take a little time to think about something in your life that is having a negative impact on your overall mental well-being and make a plan to change it.

This could be changing to a more healthy diet or making an effort to stay active. For example, instead of getting fast food for dinner, look up simple recipes you can make throughout the week so you’re eating healthier without added stress. Or instead of watching an extra hour of television in the evening, replace that with a walk or jog. 

Dropping one bad habit and replacing it with a good one is an excellent start to spring cleaning mental health. After you’ve achieved the first, continue down the list of areas for improvement and see how much more content and happy you feel.

Try a New Hobby

Last, but not least, as we wrap up our list of ideas to help you spring clean mental health is trying a new hobby. Starting new hobbies is constructive, improving our mental health and expanding our creativity. Whether it’s an activity like gardening or a creative outlet such as painting or playing an instrument, learning a new hobby is both exciting and educational. It helps us be happier and may even prevent cognitive decline as we age.

This year, don’t just clear out your home. Take time to spring clean mental health, as well. Starting with small, enjoyable, and manageable tasks will soon have them cemented into new, healthy habits you can follow all year round.

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