Women's Health and Wellness Tips for Summer

woman enjoying health and wellness

Summer can be the time for sun, rest, and relaxation, but the one thing that should definitely not take a holiday is attention to your health! The warm weather of summer brings with it all kinds of opportunities to spend time practicing self-care in all its forms. From hanging with girlfriends to sticking to physical activity goals, women’s health and wellness is about both mental and physical well-being.


To help you make the most of summer, we’re taking a look at women’s health and wellness tips you can easily integrate into your routine this season. Get started and let your summer self shine!

Top Women’s Health and Wellness Tips


No matter if you’re relaxing at the beach or juggling a busy schedule, taking time each day to check in with yourself and practice even the smallest bit of self-care can make a massive difference. This summer, set goals to integrate women’s wellness tips into your regular routine and build healthy new habits. Your goals can be anything from being more active or making better food choices to scheduling annual women’s health screenings to stay on top of necessary preventative healthcare. Whatever you choose, putting women’s health ideas into practice this season can help keep you healthy and happy.


To help you live your best life this summer, consider these women’s health and wellness tips:


  • Soak up some sun
  • Embrace calming vibes
  • Start a healthy diet
  • Keep hydrated
  • Schedule women’s health screenings
  • Get active
  • Make time for friends and family
  • Start a sleep schedule

Soaking Up Vitamin D


Kicking off our list of women’s health and wellness tips for summer is getting outside and soaking up some sun! Vitamin D is a nutrient your body needs for building and maintaining healthy bones as it helps the body absorb calcium. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties can also help fight inflammation, build a strong immune system, improve mental health, and increase muscle performance.


Even though soaking up some rays is the most effective way to absorb vitamin D, be sure to protect yourself as you’re out in the sun. Wearing sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays is essential to your skin health and overall well-being.

Embrace Calming Vibes


We can’t talk about women’s health and wellness tips for summer without discussing managing stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. Summer is the perfect time to embrace calming vibes with activities like meditation, journaling, listening to relaxing music or even simply reading your favorite book. There are tons of ways to let go of your daily stress and allow zen feelings to wash over you. Even a few minutes of meditation each day can be beneficial.


One of the most popular methods for bringing on zen feelings is with calming breathing exercises. Often paired with mindfulness meditation techniques, breathing exercises allow you to center your thoughts and relax your body. Many people prefer to pair these exercises with other stress management tools like zero gravity chairs to enhance the experience and bring out the best of both.


Relaxing in a zero gravity chair while meditating, reading, or any other calming activity you enjoy not only looks after your mind, but also pampers your body. The potential health benefits of zero gravity chairs combined with calming activities make them perfect for any list of women’s health ideas!

Start a Healthy Diet


The word “diet” doesn’t have to be considered a dirty four-letter word. Starting a healthy diet makes our list of women's health and wellness tips for summer because it’s the perfect time to adjust your eating habits without sacrificing any flavor! From fresh fruits and vegetables to healthy fats from fish like salmon, there are loads of healthy summer meal options that will have you feeling amazing and enjoying every bite.

Stay Hydrated


Alongside adding a healthy diet to our list of women's health and wellness tips for summer, we have to highlight the importance of staying hydrated. Drinking enough water is important all year long, but it becomes increasingly important during the hot summer months when you’re more likely to become dehydrated more quickly.


From sweating during physical activities to simply being in the warm summer sun, your body loses moisture at a much higher rate in hot weather than in cold. Drinking enough water is also essential to other aspects of your health such as improving digestion, promoting radiant skin, regulating body temperature, and normalizing blood pressure.

Schedule Women’s Health Screenings


While this isn’t the most enjoyable or fun entry on our list of women’s health and wellness tips for summer, scheduling annual screenings for preventative care is vitally important. Preventative screenings like an annual mammogram are some of the most important things you can do for your health. Whether you start summer off with these appointments to give yourself a clean bill of health and a clear mind all season or you prefer to simply make the appointments in summer for later in the fall, this is one of the most important women’s wellness tips you should not forget.

Get Active During Summer


While it’s important to be active all year long, summer months provide loads of opportunities to get active both outdoors and inside! Experts recommend striving to get at least 30 minutes of physical exercise 5 days each week for good health. Finding ways to maintain physical fitness when you’re busy doesn’t mean carving out hours to spend at a gym. There are plenty of ways to introduce full body workout exercises from the comfort of home. Not feeling a major workout? Take a nice walk in the morning or evening to get in some physical activity without the heat of the day beating down on you, instead.


After exercising, make sure you practice a proper post workout recovery routine to allow your body to heal. This is essential for maintaining good health while keeping up your endurance. Your routine can be anything from taking a warm shower to keep muscle groups loose to getting a massage. Many people have turned to luxury zero gravity chairs as effective recovery tools for athletes and active individuals, as well. These modern recliners offer more than just comfort and versatile style, providing a plethora of potential health benefits to enhance how the body heals itself.


Bonus Tip: Zero gravity chairs with massage and heat therapy features add to any post workout recovery routine. Relax and enjoy while you take care of your mind and body!

Make Time for Friends and Family


Not all women’s health and wellness tips for summer are based on exercise, doctor visits, and diet. Making time for seeing friends and family can play an important role, as well. Humans are social beings, by nature, and we thrive on interpersonal engagement.


You don’t have to be a social butterfly to get a healthy dose of interaction with others, though! Today’s technology has made video calls a new normal and are perfect for spending time with others without having to be in the same space. This can be ideal for those who prefer these kinds of interactions as well as giving us the chance to keep in touch with those who may be far away.

Start a Sleep Schedule


Last, but not least, on our list of women’s health and wellness tips for summer is starting a sleep schedule. As creatures of habit, our bodies thrive on routine. This includes going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. This isn’t exclusive to women’s health ideas, either, as starting a sleep schedule is ideal for everyone.


Sleep deprivation can elevate your risk of health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, and general injuries. It can affect your mental health, too, as being sleep deprived reduces your ability to think critically, retain information, and solve problems. To avoid these issues, try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, committing to a regular sleep schedule for consistency.


We hope our list of women’s health and wellness tips for summer has given you some food for thought! Whether you’re soaking up some sun, embracing calming vibes, or finding ways to be active, you’ll experience the difference these changes can make in your overall well-being. Get started and live your best life this summer!

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