Which Zero Gravity Chair Is Best for Me? Let's Compare

comparing best choice zero gravity chair

You’ve heard about them and decided you want a zero gravity chair for your home, but what’s the best choice zero gravity chair for you? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Do you want extra features for deeper relaxation? Wondering about real vs faux leather options? What about lumbar support?

Today, we’re taking a look at the Svago lineup to help you determine which zero gravity chair is best for you. From the simpler Lite model through the feature-heavy Newton model, there’s sure to be one that complements your lifestyle perfectly and will add to your everyday life. Read on, and let’s choose a zero gravity chair!

Which Zero Gravity Chair Is Best?

When it comes to choosing a recliner for your home, a Svago zero gravity chair is the best of the best. Their top-quality design and features provide numerous reasons a zero gravity power recliner is worth the investment and an addition to your home you won’t regret. Which zero gravity chair is best for you, however? Let’s take a look at the Svago models to help you decide:

  • Svago Lite, an entry model with high-end qualities
  • The ZGR model, the recliner that started it all
  • The Swivel, combining style and function for an incredible experience
  • The Newton, a feature-packed, sophisticated zero-gravity recliner

Svago Lite Zero Gravity Recliner

Starting off our exploration for which zero gravity chair is best for your needs is the Svago Lite Zero Gravity Recliner. While it may be the entry-level model in the Svago lineup, this luxury zero gravity chair provides a plethora of benefits and features beyond other brands at comparable price points.

Currently offered with two options for its “synthetic hyde” faux leather upholstery, the Lite model also offers a hand-carved wood base in the dark walnut color. The color and design of this zero gravity chair allow it to fit seamlessly into a wide variety of different interior design styles.

The one-button zero gravity reclining feature lets you go from upright to reclined bliss with one touch! The one-touch power off button also takes you from horizontal to upright in a snap, making for an easy exit for people of any age or condition. In the zero gravity position, special design attention has been paid in the positioning of the armrests, which help align and support your body in a way that allows maximum decompression of the spine.

Even though it’s the entry-level model for the Svago line, the Lite is a true competitor for best choice zero gravity chair as it still offers luxury bonus features like massage and heat therapy.

The Svago ZGR

Next up on our list as we help you determine which zero gravity chair is best for you comes the Svago ZGR model. According to the brand, “the ZGR is the recliner that started it all.” Offering style, comfort, and functionality, the ZGR is a definite asset to any lifestyle.

Presently available in four colors, the ZGR is a vegan leather zero gravity chair that gives owners a classic leather look with sustainability and animal-friendly upholstery. The vegan synthetic leather is durable and low-maintenance, making ownership a breeze. Each current option comes with a black hand-carved wooden base.

The ZGR model takes a step up from the Lite by offering neck and lumbar memory foam. Its manually-adjustable neck pillow provides full support while a removable lumbar pillow looks after your lower back, as well.

Similar to the Lite, the Svago ZGR offers vibration massage and heat therapy features. This model also has a remote-controlled footrest, allowing for more customization from head to toe. The ZGR zero gravity chair is also the first appearance of the Svago smart wake up programs, which let you relax without worrying about drifting off to sleep too long!

Svago Swivel Zero Gravity Recliner

As the newest entry to the lineup, the Svago Swivel Zero Gravity Recliner makes a huge splash with style and versatility. Boasting a 280-degree swivel that no other chair has, it’s made to help you relax, heal and unwind with NASA-designed zero gravity.

The Swivel has a sleek design made with 100% top-grain, buttery-soft leather that comes in taupe, toffee or black, pairing well with the natural wood and walnut base. Furthermore, its intuitive easy-to-navigate remote control and dial give you full access to change your backrest and footrest settings at any time. It’s truly a zero gravity chair meant to conform to your needs.

The Svago Swivel zero gravity recliner has three motors and a weight capacity of 325 pounds. This higher capacity makes it an ideal candidate for those looking for big and tall recliner options. Custom memory settings also let you go from upright to your preferred settings instantly every time you use it. Not only is it convenient for solo use, but the memory settings make this zero gravity recliner perfect for those sharing the Swivel with others.

This zero gravity recliner model offers lower-back heat therapy as well as enhanced air pressure massage (called air cell massage) that deepens your relaxation and enhances how the body heals itself. It’s truly a luxury zero gravity recliner you’ll wonder how you ever lived without!

Svago Newton Zero Gravity Recliner

If you’re looking for the best choice zero gravity chair, look no further than the Svago Newton Zero Gravity Recliner. This feature-packed model offers the best of everything from its design options to a multitude of features. Touted as the “most effective, feature-packed, sophisticated zero-gravity recliner in the world,” the Newton is luxuriously appointed with buttery-soft upholstery, a hand-carved wood base, and the highest quality memory foam throughout.

Currently offered in six different colors, the Newton will fit any look you’re going for in your home. The Royal Top Grain leather starts buttery-soft and only gets softer over time. Its memory foam power headrest with adjustable pillow and remote-controlled air cell lumbar support pair together to provide a relaxing experience that’s unparalleled.

The Newton's special air pressure massage (called air cell massage) combined with heat and the zero gravity position allows your muscles to relax, your spine to decompress, discs to rehydrate, and blood to circulate throughout the body more deeply and thoroughly. It’s the best choice zero gravity chair for reducing pain and improving your overall health and wellness. 

This model offers all the bonus features available from the Svago line and has the highest weight capacity at 400 pounds, making it perfect for big and tall users.

As you can see by comparing zero gravity chair models, each offers incredible features and design at every price point. No matter your needs, you’ll find a Svago zero gravity chair that’s perfect for you. Want to learn more? Continue to browse the Svago blog to discover more benefits and uses for your zero gravity chair or contact customer care with any questions.