Healthy Habits to Help You Control Diabetes

how to control diabetes with diet and fitness

Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up control. In fact, diabetes may push you into a healthier lifestyle to help manage symptoms and live your best life. Controlling diabetes is often able to be accomplished with simple lifestyle changes that enhance your daily well-being, but always communicate with your primary care physician before making any adjustments.

For those who have the green light from their doctors, we’re taking a look at healthy habits to help you control diabetes year round! Read on, and see how these techniques may help improve your health and wellness while living with diabetes.

Ways to Control Diabetes With Healthy Habits

When you think of learning how to control diabetes, we understand it can feel daunting. The good news is that many people may be able to live with diabetes and live happy, healthy lives to the fullest! As with any health condition, it’s crucial to consult a medical professional for advice and guidance before implementing any new health routine. If they’ve approved, finding ways for controlling diabetes could be as easy as starting a few healthy habits such as:

  • Exercise and stay active
  • Choose a well-balanced diet for diabetics
  • Find ways to manage stress levels and create calm
  • Check your feet regularly
  • Practice gratitude
  • Stay up with doctor appointments
  • Follow a sleep routine

Exercise and Stay Active

The first healthy habit we’re exploring to help you control diabetes is to exercise and stay active. Where all bodies need to move, insulin-resistant bodies need to move more. Physical activity stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Staying active and exercising doesn’t require an expensive gym membership to achieve, either. Finding ways to increase activity throughout the day can be just as effective. For example, chair exercises at work, a brisk walk during a break, or even full body workouts at home can help with how to control diabetes symptoms and improve your overall well-being.

Bonus Tip: People of all ages and lifestyles need to have a recovery routine to allow the body to heal itself properly after exercise. Learn how to use a zero gravity chair for post-workout recovery after this article!

Choose a Well-Balanced Diet for Diabetics

Following a well-balanced diet is another crucial healthy habit for controlling diabetes. Many experts suggest a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and good carbs (from fruits, grains, and vegetables), as well as mono-and polyunsaturated fats from sources like avocados and nuts.

In addition to eating a balanced diet nutritionally, it’s also beneficial to help control diabetes by eating on a regular schedule. Keeping your body on a regular schedule may help prevent blood sugar spikes or drops throughout the day.

Manage Stress Levels and Create Calm Environments

There are many potential benefits to managing stress levels, including its role in controlling diabetes naturally. While learning how to meditate at home, practicing calming breathing exercises, or journaling are popular methods for managing stress, there are other creative ways, as well.

For instance, keeping a clean home devoid of clutter is an effective way to make a space feel more positive, less chaotic, and simply relaxing. Organizing your closet may give you peace of mind each morning as you select an outfit for the day. Gardening is another calming activity with a satisfying result that may help your mindset and control diabetes symptoms naturally, too! There’s no one way to manage stress, so find what works for you and go for it.

If you want to go for a truly unique stress management method, try out a zero gravity chair! These multifunctional modern recliners look after your mind and body at once, boosting your overall health and wellness. Today’s luxury zero gravity chairs may also come with a variety of special features to enhance the experience. Heated zero gravity chairs help you unwind and relax, while models with massage features provide vibration or air pressure massage programs to keep your muscles nice and loose.  

Check Your Feet

It’s well known that people living with diabetes need to be mindful of their feet. Oftentimes, symptoms of diabetes manifest in the extremities first, meaning checking your feet regularly should be one of your healthy habits to help control diabetes. If you experience anything out of the ordinary, consult your doctor right away for assessment and guidance on steps to take.

Furthermore, make sure your shoes are comfortable and not too tight. Some diabetics are also advised about the benefits of wearing compression socks to help control diabetes.

Practice Gratitude

While it may seem an interesting entry on our list of healthy habits to help you control diabetes, practicing gratitude has been studied and shown to have a positive impact on mental well-being. This impact can radiate to other areas of your overall wellness, including controlling diabetes symptoms by regulating stress, blood pressure, and overall mood. Finding ways to practice gratitude each day is as easy as recognizing something wonderful around you, taking a moment to reflect on a positive interaction, or sharing your appreciation for someone else with them.

For more private reflection, keeping a gratitude journal is another option. This can become a healthy habit as part of a nightly routine to unwind for bed and improve sleep quality at the same time!

Stay Up to Date With Doctor Appointments

One of the healthiest habits to help control diabetes is to keep regular appointments with your doctor. It’s important they are always up to date with monitoring your overall health so they can recommend any adjustments you may need to stay well. Your health is precious, and your doctor will provide guidance to keep you feeling your best.

Maintain a Sleep Routine

Last up on our list of healthy habits to help you control diabetes naturally is to maintain a sleep routine. Sleep is the time when your body regenerates and restores itself. It’s vital for diabetics to get enough sleep as sleep deprivation may lead to the body producing less insulin (to manage blood sugar) and producing higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone that also affects insulin in the body).

A relaxing night time routine like meditating, journaling, listening to music, or reclining in a zero gravity chair could help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Time isn’t the only factor, as sleep quality is key, too. Uninterrupted sleep may help with how to control diabetes more effectively.

We hope this guide to healthy habits to help you control diabetes has given you some options to try! As always, consult your doctor before changing up your health routine to ensure it’s safe to do so. Once you’ve got the green light, these habits could improve your overall health and well-being with easy adjustments.