Do I Have Space for a Reclining Zero Gravity Chair?

how much space do you need for a recliner

When you’re shopping for your next furniture addition, you want to make sure it’s going to fit properly in your space. You might have come across zero gravity chairs and be interested in how they combine design and comfort with a plethora of health benefits, but do you have space for a reclining zero gravity chair in your home? (Spoiler alert: you probably do!)

Today, we’re taking a look at how much space you need for a reclining zero gravity chair and how they take up a lot less space than you might’ve realized. Read on, and see how your next addition will make the perfect fit.

How Much Space Do You Need for a Recliner?

No matter if you’re considering furniture ideas for decorating small spaces or if you’re thinking about big family room design ideas, you’ve likely got the same question on your mind: how much space do you need for a recliner? With so many advancements of a reclining zero gravity chair over a traditional recliner, you may think that means they need a lot more space. You’ll be surprised to learn that they don’t!

The average reclining space needed for a traditional recliner spans between 61 and 63 inches. This is because the back of a traditional recliner leans back while extending the leg rest outward.

So what about a reclining zero gravity chair? Surely with so many advancements in design over traditional recliners, a zero gravity chair must need a lot more room? Nope!

Space for a Reclining Zero Gravity Chair

Zero gravity reclining chairs improve on the design of traditional recliners by elevating the legs above the heart level and distributing body weight evenly along the body. This design update reduces excess pressure on the lower back, alleviating back pain and facilitating a plethora of zero gravity chair health benefits ranging from better blood circulation to faster bodily healing and so much in between.

You may be surprised to find out, however, that your reclining zero gravity chair only takes up about the same amount of space as a traditional recliner! The reason for this is the design of the reclining mechanism, which adjusts the chair into the zero gravity position without requiring much, if any, additional horizontal space.

For example, the Svago Newton reclining zero gravity chair has a reclining length of just 62.2 inches. This is exactly within the average traditional recliner length of 61 to 63 inches, meaning you’re getting a much better experience all in the same amount of space. This is important for those looking for recliners for a small space or who simply don’t want any one furniture piece dwarfing the rest.

Even slightly larger reclining zero gravity chairs like the Svago Swivel don’t require much additional space beyond the average traditional recliner. This model requires simply 66 inches of space when fully reclined into the zero gravity position.

The versatile design of a reclining zero gravity chair means it also fits into a variety of different interior design styles. Not all versions of “fit” are about size! Mixing and matching materials elevates your design and the overall look of any room. It’s a bonus to make the choice for a reclining zero gravity chair even clearer.

No matter if you’re seeking recliners for a small space or large, a reclining zero gravity chair is the best choice for you. With so many additional features that support the already-enhanced design over traditional recliners, a zero gravity chair is the perfect for people of any age or lifestyle. Try out a Svago zero gravity chair today and experience the difference for yourself, risk-free!