6 Digestion Tips for Eating Holiday Meals!

digestion tips for the holidays

The holidays are approaching once again, meaning many will find themselves surrounded by delicious food and treats! It can be especially difficult to avoid overeating when there are so many upcoming events that seem to include amazing food as a central theme. After all, working together in the kitchen and sharing memories over a meal are wonderful experiences to share with family and friends.

This year, however, we’re helping you avoid the post-dinner discomfort with some digestion tips after eating holiday meals! A few simple changes before, during, and after holiday eating extravaganzas can make a huge difference and keep you from feeling miserably full. Read on, then dig in without the worry.

Digestion Tips for Holiday Feasting

We know it’s easy to dive right into the holidays and overdo it a little with all the meals and snacks. There’s so much good food around for two months, it can feel impossible to resist! The good news is there are simple digestion tips and techniques you can follow before, during, and after holiday meals to keep yourself from not feeling so well once you’re good and full. 

Some tips for better digestion during the holidays are:

  • Don’t starve yourself before holiday meals
  • Get in some exercise before holiday meals to boost metabolism
  • Drink water between bites for smoother digestion
  • Find ways to cope with holiday stress
  • Use massage to stimulate the body and improve digestion
  • Stick to a sleep schedule during the holidays

Don’t Starve Yourself Before Holiday Meals

The first on our list of digestion tips for after eating holiday meals actually starts before you take the first bite! Better digestion means preparing yourself for the food you may eat later in the day. While many people assume that means not eating the morning or afternoon before a heavy holiday meal or treat-filled party, that’s actually one of the fastest ways to end up with an upset stomach.

When we refrain from eating anything before enjoying an abundant feast, we’re much more likely to overeat or eat too quickly. Doing so can cause gastrointestinal discomfort that makes the rest of the evening much less fun. Instead, have a fiber-rich light meal earlier in the day to keep your digestive system working smoothly and avoid the miserable feeling that comes with overindulging on an empty stomach.

Bonus Tip: Experts also suggest using a small plate for holiday meals to subconsciously avoid overeating. Try it, and see the difference it makes for you!

Exercise Before the Meal to Boost Metabolism

Not only should you eat a light meal earlier in the day before a holiday feast, but exercising is another digestion tip you’ll want to consider. Exercising a few hours before a major holiday meal or snack-filled event is one of the simplest digestion tips you can follow, as it may boost your metabolism and get your digestive system ready to function. Furthermore, it can get your appetite going, making it easier to remember to eat earlier in the day and avoid the temptation of overconsumption during the larger meal later.

Drink Water Between Bites for Better Digestion

We’ve arrived at digestion tips for during the meal to stay feeling great after! Drinking water is important at all times of day, but it can be especially for your list of tips for better digestion. Drinking enough water keeps your digestive system running smoothly. It also helps you feel fuller sooner, keeping you from overeating and experiencing digestion issues. It’s also recommended to drink a glass of water about 20 minutes before eating to maximize the effects.

Find Ways to Cope With Holiday Stress

Next on our list of digestion tips for eating holiday meals is finding ways to cope with stress. The holidays can be particularly stressful times for all of us. The pressure of getting everything done just right, decorating, visiting with friends and family, attending events, and more can become overwhelming! Making time for self-care routines for managing holiday stress actively contributes towards better digestion, as well.

This may mean learning how to meditate at home, taking time each day to check in with your emotions, journaling a little each night, or even starting up a relaxing night time routine to help you unwind before bed. Learning how to cope with holiday stress is one of the most important digestive tips that transcends holiday meals and applies to every aspect of your overall health and wellness.

Get a Massage to Improve Digestion

Last, but not least, on our list of digestion tips for eating holiday meals is to get a massage to improve digestion. Massage increases blood circulation throughout the body, and intestinal blood flow is critical for digestion.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate massage into your digestion tips after eating holiday meals. One popular method is self-massage for the stomach and abdomen. Another is using a zero gravity chair with massage features. Not only do zero gravity chairs with massage features provide the massage experience, but the design of these modern recliners promotes better posture that benefits digestive health, as well.

Furthermore, you can use zero gravity chairs to improve digestion because of the zero gravity position itself. Reclining in the zero gravity position also alleviates pressure on the digestive tract, pairing well with massage to boost digestion after holiday meals and keep you feeling very comfortable. 

We hope these digestion tips for eating holiday meals have given you ideas to try this season.  The holidays are a time for celebrating, spending time with family and friends, as well as making time to prioritize our own health and wellness. Follow these digestion tips and avoid discomfort after holiday meals this year!

Added Bonus: Let’s face it, Thanksgiving, the December holidays, and then New Year’s can make an unforgiving trio for your waistline. All is not lost! Now that you’ve got digestion tips for after eating holiday meals, take a look at how to jumpstart healthy eating after the holidays with a few simple techniques.