Taking Care of Business: Self Care for Business Owners

woman doing self care for business owners

Practicing self care is a foundational tool to protect and promote your overall health, wellness, and productivity. Business owners and entrepreneurs face a variety of unique stressors that make self care all the more vital to the success of your work and your business as a whole.

Today, we’re looking at ways to integrate self care for business owners into your daily routine. Instilling these healthy habits in yourself is the first step to creating a positive work environment for employees, clients, and customers, too. Learn what you can do to maximize your own potential and streamline your success.

Common Causes of Business Owner Stress

Everyone faces stress in their daily lives, but business owners and entrepreneurs face some unique stressors due to the nature of their position. Left unchecked, these causes of business owner stress could have a lasting negative impact on your mental and physical health.

Some of the common causes of business owner stress you may be experiencing are:

  • Managing your team
  • Administrative responsibilities
  • Pressure to have your company succeed
  • Compliance with all applicable laws
  • Client and customer satisfaction

With so many responsibilities, it’s vitally important that business owners integrate self care into their routines. Not only does it help with their own well-being, but trickles down into the happiness and satisfaction of clients, customers, and employees, as well.

Ways to Practice Self Care for Business Owners

In the fast-paced world of business ownership or being an entrepreneur, you need to be on top of your game at all times. Part of ensuring your own optimal productivity is taking the time to take care of yourself along the way.

Some of our self care tips for entrepreneurs and business owners are:

  • Step back and take a breath
  • Practice gratitude
  • Make time to relax and recharge
  • Trust in your team
  • Stay active
  • Schedule self care into your workday
  • Make a list of priorities to stay organized

Step Back and Take a Breath

When you’re busy working and handling all aspects of your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out. One of the top self care tips for entrepreneurs and business owners is to know when it’s time to take a step back and breathe.

Removing yourself from a stressful situation allows you to process your emotions and come back to the task with fresh eyes. Not only is this a healthy stress management tip, but it’s also a method that could result in more creative problem-solving and productivity. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, step away from the situation momentarily and practice a few calming breathing exercises to settle your mind and approach it again more clearly.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude goes a long way and is an effective part of self care for business owners. There are a number of ways to practice gratitude as a business owner or entrepreneur.

For some, taking a moment to stop what they’re doing and acknowledge positive things is the way to go. Noticing a beautiful flower, enjoying the sunset, or even taking a moment to appreciate your own success can have a positive impact on your well-being.

Self care for business owners doesn’t just affect themselves, however. Practicing gratitude can also take the form of praising others for their hard work. For example, recognizing an employee for a job well done not only incentivizes your team and fosters a positive work environment, but boosts your own mental state. It feels good to give back to others, and showing gratitude is one of the most appreciated ways to do so.

Make Time to Relax and Recharge

When you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, sometimes it feels like you’re working 24/7. That kind of lifestyle isn’t sustainable and leaves you prone to burnout and potential health conditions. Just like your cell phone, you need time to recharge in order to continue functioning. This is why making time to relax and recharge should be part of self care for business owners everywhere. 

Learning how to relax and recharge could come in the form of waking up a few minutes early so you don’t feel rushed while enjoying your morning coffee or tea. For those looking to unwind in the evenings, reclining in a zero gravity chair is an ideal way to support your mental and physical wellness as you relax. These modern recliners have raised the bar when it comes to ways to relax and recharge.

Designed to alleviate excess pressure on the lower back and distribute weight evenly along the body, zero gravity chairs stimulate better blood circulation and help with how the body heals itself. They also serve as the perfect spot for zero gravity meditation for stress management or simply relaxing while you read your favorite book. Additional features like heat therapy and massage functions take your experience a step further, providing the ultimate self care for business owners and entrepreneurs on your terms. Some folks have even taken to using a zero gravity office chair to extend those benefits to their workspace.

Trust in Your Team

Next up as we continue to discuss self care for business owners is trusting in your team. The overall success of any company stems from a positive working environment. An environment in which you trust your team instills a feeling of appreciation, dedication, and loyalty that goes both ways. Trusting in your team by delegating tasks facilitates a positive work environment as well as takes the burden off your shoulders.

Taking on every task or micromanaging will quickly lead to burnout, feeling overworked, or add to feelings of stress and anxiety. Having trust in your team allows you to let go of those feelings and know things will get done. It’s a freeing feeling that will directly impact your work-life balance.

Stay Active

Finding ways to stay active is also important self care for business owners. This doesn’t mean working all hours of the night but making time to enjoy sports, taking a walk, or any kind of physical activity. You could even be active with exercises to do at work for staying loose during a short break. Keeping active helps you maintain your overall physical and mental health and is a vital part of holistic health practices.

Even the busiest of business owners and entrepreneurs benefit from keeping active. Activities like taking a brisk walk after dinner, incorporating a morning workout into your daily routine, or sneaking in a five-minute exercise routine between meetings can make a world of difference.

Schedule Self Care Into Your Workday

Do you find yourself skipping lunch, working late, or going for extended periods without taking a break? These are unhealthy activities that can lead to serious health ramifications. Part of self care for business owners and entrepreneurs who find themselves constantly busy should be scheduling self care into the workday.

You don’t have to clear massive sections of your day in order to look after yourself. Consider blocking off five minutes every hour to stand up, walk around, and grab a drink of water to stay hydrated. Add a 30-minute break into every workday to step back and take a breather from your tasks. Not only are these effective self care tips for entrepreneurs and business owners to rest and recharge, but they can actually improve productivity and lead to a better workflow.

Make a List of Priorities

Last on our list of effective methods of self care for business owners is making a list of priorities. Whether you’re in charge of leading your employees or a business of one, prioritizing your tasks helps you streamline your workflow and will boost your mental health. Oftentimes we find ourselves so stressed out or overwhelmed when there are too many tasks on our plates that we don’t even know where to begin.

Creating a list of low-, medium-, and high-priority tasks helps to organize our day and our minds to avoid excess stress or anxiety. It’s also an effective method for preventing anything from slipping through the cracks.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities. Don’t neglect your responsibility to yourself. Follow this guide to self care for business owners and see the positive impact it has on your daily routine. When you take care of yourself, you’ll find the benefits extend to every aspect of your life.

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