Safe Ways to Exercise in Summer to Avoid Overheating

woman safely exercising in summer

The warm summer days bring with them the draw to get outside and exercise in the fresh air and sunlight. While we love soaking up vitamin D, safely learning how to exercise in summer heat is very important. The heat and humidity of summer can put a definite damper on your normal workout routine if you’re not careful about overheating or putting excess stress on the body.

To help you adapt, we’re talking about safe ways to exercise in summer to avoid overheating and keep you feeling incredible. Read on, and stay healthy!

Tips for How to Exercise in Summer Heat

Staying active is an integral part of any health and wellness plan, but it’s important to consider how external factors like the weather can impact your activities. Sure, summer is a great time to get outside and soak up some sun while you go for a run, play sports, or participate in other activities, but overheating is a real danger to keep in mind.

A few safe ways to exercise in summer to avoid overheating and stay on top of your game include:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • Avoid mid-day workouts
  • Bring your workout indoors
  • Hit the beach to exercise in summer
  • Try shorter workouts with higher intensities
  • Wear proper clothing to exercise in the summer heat

Hydrate Before Exercising

The most obvious, and arguably important, safe way to exercise in summer to avoid overheating is to pay close attention to hydration. According to the CDC, nearly 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Choosing to exercise in the summer sun can result in faster dehydration as your body loses moisture much faster. Being dehydrated can negatively impact your workouts and lead to increased fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness, and even short-term memory issues.

To avoid dehydration as you exercise in summer, try drinking 16 to 24 ounces of water one or two hours before exercise as well as 4 to 6 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes during your workout. You can also increase your hydration levels by eating water-rich foods throughout the day.

Avoid Mid-Day Workouts in Summer

Next on our list of safe ways to exercise in summer to avoid overheating is to pay attention to when you’re choosing to work out. While you may be tempted to get in some afternoon exercise in summer, you’re actually more likely to experience conditions averaging 20 degrees hotter than during early morning or evening times. Mid-day exercise in summer heat can lead to rapid dehydration, increase the risk of injury, and be detrimental to your overall summer wellness.

Bring Your Summer Workout Indoors

We’re all for soaking up the summer sun, but bringing your workouts indoors during the hotter months definitely makes our list of safe ways to exercise in summer to avoid overheating. You don’t have to go to a hot gym or be outside in the heat to experience a good workout. In fact, there are even full body workout exercises you can do from the comfort of a luxury zero gravity chair right in your living room!

Options like chair yoga exercises, seated twists, chair squats, and more are great ways for integrating zero gravity recliners into your fitness routine. Bringing your exercises indoors keeps you active without exposing you to the elements on the hottest of days.

Pairing a zero gravity chair with your indoor exercise in the summer also serves as a great addition to a post workout recovery routine. Zero gravity chairs with massage and heat therapy enhance how the body heals itself to keep your body in top condition not just during the summer, but all year long.

Hit the Beach to Exercise in Summer

Other safe ways to exercise in summer to avoid overheating and excess damage to your body include hitting the beach. The beach isn’t just for soaking up the sun for a good tan! The sand challenges your muscles while providing a low-impact surface that helps keep joints healthy as you exercise in summer heat. It’s an ideal way to up the intensity of your workout to get your exercise in faster and avoid overheating in the summer sun.

Shorter Workouts During Summer Months

Speaking of getting in a workout faster, next on our list of safe ways to exercise in summer to avoid overheating is to go with shorter, higher-intensity workouts. Spending an hour in the sun exercising can lead to dehydration, skin damage, and overheating. Shorter, high intensity interval training (HIIT) programs let you exercise in summer without overdoing it for long periods of time.

Beyond being a safer way to exercise in the summer to avoid overheating, these constant movement routines also help your body continue to burn calories long after your workout is over!

Wear Proper Clothing to Exercise in Summer Heat

Last, but not least, on our list of safe ways to exercise in summer to avoid overheating is paying attention to what you’re wearing. Save those black spandex leggings for the fall and winter months. If you’re going outdoors to exercise in summer, oftentimes less is more. If shorter shorts and a tank top aren’t your thing, however, simply ensuring you’re wearing light and loose clothing can make a huge difference.

In addition to light, moisture-wicking clothing, bright colors may help reflect some of the sun instead of absorbing its heat. It’s the perfect excuse to buy new workout clothes in fun colors!

Learning safe ways to exercise in summer to avoid overheating is crucial to your health and well-being. While we’re all for a summer health plan, making sure you take care of your body inside and out can’t be overstated. Whether you’re adapting your workout durations, choosing the right times to exercise, or choosing a zero gravity chair for indoor workouts and recovery, stay safe this season while being active and healthy.

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