Expert Interview: Michael Dorausch D.C. of ADIO Chiropractic

The team here at Svago has been interviewing professionals in the healthcare space to share how they got started, and relevant tips for those looking to improve their daily habits, physical, and mental health.

This interview is with Michael Dorausch D.C. of ADIO Chiropractic in Los Angeles.


Hi Dr. Dorausch! I appreciate you taking a few moments to share your story and tips. We’d love to know more about your business/practice name and area of specialty. Can you tell us about it?

Dr. Michael Dorausch:  My practice name is ADIO Chiropractic, and my specialty is chiropractic.

Great! Thank you for that background. What encouraged you to pursue work in the health space?

Dr. Michael Dorausch: It’s something I had been passionate about since I was a teenager, it was a good choice.

It must be extremely fulfilling to do the work as an adult that you were drawn to when you were younger. A lot of our readers are looking for tips – what are the top 2-3 tips you have for maintaining spinal/back health as one gets older?

Dr. Michael Dorausch: A daily fitness routine, good nutrition, and a good team of experts. (Like a chiropractor, personal trainer, Pilates instructor, etc.)

Thanks for sharing! A good team of experts is sometimes overlooked but can have a huge impact. What would you say is an overlooked lifestyle change someone can implement to reduce daily physical and mental stress?

Dr. Michael Dorausch: The number one change I have seen over the years is improving nutrition, followed by adequate sleep and daily meditation.

I’ve recently started meditating, and though challenging at first, it’s been very rewarding! Great tips. Outside of lifestyle changes, do you have a favorite low-impact activity (swimming, yoga, walking) that you recommend for someone who has chronic joint/muscle aches?

Dr. Michael Dorausch: Walking is something nearly everyone can do. Beyond that I like swimming, Pilates, and some forms of yoga.

Speaking of movement –  It’s not unusual for people to sit for hours each day. What can we do to battle the damage sitting all day can cause our bodies?

Dr. Michael Dorausch: This is tough since so many people spend way too much time sitting. Start activities early; make fitness/movement something you do at the beginning of the day.

I love this. It’s something anyone can do, even if just for a few moments. As we’re wrapping up, what is a favorite book or podcast you’d recommend for those looking to improve their physical and/or mental health?

Dr. Michael Dorausch: There are so many great podcasts on fitness, but I don’t have a favorite. Same goes with books on physical/mental wellness. Trust your innate ability to guide you and be open to new ideas, you’ll find what you are seeking.

Lastly, if our readers are interested in learning more about you and your business, where can they find you?

Dr. Michael Dorausch: You can find me on Twitter (now, X):  @chiropractic

Thank you so much, Dr. Dorausch! We appreciate you taking the time to participate in our expert interview series.

*Please note: The professionals interviewed in the expert series are not affiliated with Svago and were kind enough to lend their time to this interview.